Solutions for silo management
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 Solutions for silo management


  Optimize order

  Real-time inventory monitoring

  Increased earnings

  Eliminate the risk of accident



Battery powered
level sensor

Food level measurement in breeders silo

Level sensor 0.4…10m external sensor.
the top part integrate electronic, energy and communication using GPRS.
The bottom part include the ultrasonic sensor, located inside the silo.
· LNU1000-0-80X-C1-GSM / Master
· LNU1000-0-80X-C1 / Slave

Fixation kit:
· Adaptator : F0A00014
· Fixation : G0A00010

Capteur Ijinuset fixation 30° 




HF / Modbus hub

Concentrator RF – Compatible with our radio network – GSM/GPRS – Modbus RTU
AP1-MOD-80X-GSM (868MHz)
AP1-MOD-90X-GSM (915MHz)



Web services

Data hosting & remote monitoring  of your stock

More than only data hosting :
 – Monitor level, air temperature for the sensor, battery voltage, alarms
 – A simple and intuitive interface, accessible from everywhere
 – let you parameter level and temperature alarms and manage your orders
 – Alarms are then sent by E.mail, SMS



LCD display

Multi channel colour display

Your silo data are accessible locally. An access point is needed to retrieve data by radio
LCD Modbus RS485 display : F0D00006
Concentrator HF/Modbus : AP1-MOD-90X




Necessary informations for the installation

  •  Exact silos dimensions with sketch (provided by the customer or the fitter)
  •  Type of food: flour, granulated, crumb …
  •  Type of silo (smooth or corrugated sides – right or deported cone)
  •  Number of silos (1 master sensor for a maximum of 8 silos in the standalone solution)
  •  Maximum distance radio communication between silos