Remote monitoring of waste containers




Programming kit

Wireless programming / On site data retrieval by radio

The mobile kit is a radio receiver and transmitter, it connects to a computer via USB. It allows secured radio connections (RFID) to various sensors and other IJINUS devices, to configure and to retrieve data. Only one kit is necessary for all your installation.
M0C00001 : 868MHz
M0C00002 :

Avelour 5 - Ijinus


Level sensors

Ultrasonic Level sensors

Ultrasonic level sensors in wired or standalone version
Slave sensors : 3m: LNU0300X-C / 6m : LNU0600X-C
Master sensors: 3m: LNU0300X-CGSM / 6m : LNU0600X-CGSM
Process sensors : 3m: CNU0300XXX / 6m : CNU0600XXX / 10m : CNU1000XXX



Antennas and fixation kits

We have different antennas depending on the type of the bin container :
Patch antenna : B0E00049 / external antenna HF and/or GSM-GPRS
available in 1, 3 or 5m length: B0E000XX
Regular bracket : H0T00003
Bracket and fixation plate : M0A00003


Web services

Data hosting & monitoring software

More than just hosting data we offer :
– Remote sensors monitoring in real-time
– Simple and intuitive interface
– User and site management, securing Data



Installation & training

Training : Qualified trainers are all practicing environmental professionals, and are dedicated to helping users reduce risks, advise for installation, save money and increase employee skills.
We recommend a half-day theoretical session followed by on site installations.



After sales services & support

Repair : Our dedicated service evaluate and quote for repairs, and carry out maintenance, remote configuration, sensor upgrade or replacement if needed.



Solution for wireless temperature measurement

Temperature sensitive products

Wireless temperature Monitoring

  •  Products temperatures remain available to download throughout the distribution chain
  •  At delivery, you are able to visualize T°C history without opening it, by radio
  •  Possibility to download remotely all data with a portable terminal
  •  Certified EN 12830


Temperature logger to insert in package

LT2-0-80 : Battery powered data logger for automatic or controlled data transfer
Measurement range : Min: -35°C / Max: 85°
Resolution choices : 0.5 / 0.25 / 0.125 / 0.0625
Recording capacity  : 50 000 measures
Weight :  55g


Refrigerated transport

Compliance and traceability of the cold chain

  • Measuring, recording, time-stamp temperatures of refrigerated trailers
  • Automatically transfer and save temperature measurements
  • Prove compliance with the cold chain traceability of goods
  • RFID recognition, vehicle fleet management


Temperature Logger for refrigerated warehouse,
transport trailer and container

LT7-0-80 : Wireless temperature logger for automatic or controlled data transfer,
Range : Min: -35°C / Max: 85°C
Resolution choices: : 0.5 / 0.25 / 0.125 / 0.0625
Recording capacity  : 50 000 mesures
Weight :  150g