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Configuration of your devices using our software Avelour 6

AVELOUR, part of our programming kit (M0C000x), is a software for the analysis and configuration of IJINUS products: sensors, data loggers, concentrators, probes,…
The access point “WIJI” automatically scans and displays all devices which are within its HF radio range. Thanks to our in house communication protocol it allows secured radio connections (RFID) to various sensors and other IJINUS devices, to locally configure and to retrieve data.

If your device has a built-in modem, you can depending on the model set up automatic remote data sending by SMS/GPRS/Sigfox to our web platform or to your own server.

When the configuration of your device is complete, it is saved to your computer but you can also choose to save it as a template to apply it to your other devices.




Wiji, the new Ijinus mobile App

Quick integration
Quickly configure your sensor by scanning the QR code of the product label. Edit the group it belongs. Then thanks to your mobile GPS you can place it on the map.

Data vizualization
In addition to quickly adding sensors to your Ijitrack account, the App displays, among other things, the latest data sent by the sensors, the alarms you have configured, the pictures taken during the installation, etc. …

Real time notifications
Alarms appear in real time, even if the application is closed. You manage the alerts as under the web monitoring platform Ijitrack

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Case study: Water Sensor Testbed Wireless Communications Pilot Program

Norfolk, Virginia
Since November 2017 Ijinus has been actively taking part in the RISE Resilience Innovation project in Norfolk, VA. Norfolk has been named in 2013 by The Rockefeller Foundation as one of the 100 Resilient Cities in the inaugural group of 100 Resilient Cities. RISE’s mission is to catalyze innovation and growth around creative solutions in the areas of sea-level rise, recurrent flooding and economic resilience.
Dr Paul Robinson, Chief Resilience Officer, offered Ijinus the opportunity to participate to a test bed consisting in installing connected level sensors in 6 critical spots during a period of 6 months. The objective is to compare different competitors, technology, communications solutions. RISE is creating a “living laboratory” in the cities, and will facilitate partnerships and collaborations in the fields of resilience, environmental water management, and coastal adaptation to achieve positive economic impacts in the Hampton Roads region and beyond. In addition Ijinus is applying for new projects located in Virginia Beach, close to Norfolk.



Remote monitoring solution:

Wireless Level sensors
LNU06V3 is an all-in-one solution integrating Ultrasonic sensor, logger, communications and energy in the same device. It allows water height measurement by aerial ultrasonic, with automatic measurement cycle changes depending on thresholds, flow rate transformation through conversion tables, and many other innovative features. Sensors are equipped with connectors for coupling with an overflow detector or to control water sampler. In addition to measuring, these sensors can also be paired with others equipments located nearby or serve as data concentrators (for version with integrated communication GSM, GPRS, 3G or Sigfox).