radio/ Modbus /3G acces point

Access point AP1-MOD-3G


  • Wireless access point or power supplied
  • Configuration by radio
  • Communication : HF/Modbus/3G
  • Radio Range of 500 m open field
  • Sealing IP65 with an aerator

Access point allowing to retrieve by radio (Wiji Protocol) data from Ijinus sensors and data loggers, to send them by GSM/GPRS to a client server or our web monitoring platform With its Modbus interface it can transmit data to a local display or PLC. The AP1 exists in 2 version, with or without integrated modem card.

Radio access point AP1-MOD-3G

Part numbers AP1-MOD-80X-3G (868 MHz)
AP1-MOD-90X-3G (915 MHz)
AP1-MOD-80X (868 MHz)
AP1-MOD-90X (915 MHz)
Communication Radio HF (Wiji protocol )
GSM / GPRS – modem 3G
Radio range of 500M in open field
Modbus RS485 half duplex
Power supply 8…30V DC / 2W max
Internal backup battery
Connector M12 5PTS
HF Antenna Internal 1/4 Wave Length
GSM Antenna Internal Quad-Band Patch
Operating temperature -40 …85°C
Housing BS 20% fiberglass
Sealing IP65 with aerator
Configuration AP1-MOD-80X-3G AVELOUR software or remotely by GPRS
Configuration AP1-MOD-80X AVELOUR software locally by radio
Certification CE


Dimensions :

Dimensions Ø 102 x 189mm
Net weight 400g







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