Overflow detector CSCV3
easy water samplingCapacitive Technology - Storm-overflow monitoringCapacitive sensor and level sensor for storm overflow monitoring

Overflow detector CSCV3

  • Capacitive technology with air referential
  • Management and monitoring of fouling
  • Sealing : IP68
  • Dynamic analysis of thresholds
  • Compatibility with PLC and process
  • Technology patented by IJINUS

    IJINUS presents the first overflow detector that integrates the CapAir® technology, IJINUS patent, simplifying installation and reducing maintenance considerably compared to a resistive and a traditional capacitive technology.

    The CapAir® technology, capacitive measurement with air referential, enables reliable and unequaled water overflows detection in the toughest conditions. For reliable detection, the capacitive measurement is temperature compensated.

Modbus or digital communication

The overflow detectors of the CSCV3 range can be associated with:
– A PLC allowing, for example the starting or stopping of the lifting pumps.
– An automatic water sampler, it allows to control it for the sampling of wastewater.
– A flowmeter
– A LNU06V4 level sensors: to modulate its measurement and data sending period.
– A Logger with Modbus from the LOG03V4 range, LOG04V4

Possible output options (selectable for each output):
– NO or NC mode for overflow state
– NO or NF mode for power status
– Generation of pulses proportional to the time in overflow
– Delay before activation of the output
– Delay of the output activation
– RS485 Modbus

the different detector versions :
– 8 bare wires : CSCV3-110
– M12 8Pts Connector : CSCV3-810
– Connector to connect to ISCO water sampler : CSC-710-ISCO

Remote data monitoring options

The overflow detector CSC connected to a LNU level sensor or a LOG V4 data logger integrating a modem, sends data either in 2G/3G or 2G/4G (LTE-M or NB-IoT), to SCADA software or our remote monitoring web platform.

Overflow detector CSCV3 applications :

  • Drinking water, Surface water & Waste water
  • Sewer overflow monitoring
  • Sanitary system overflow monitoring (SSO)
  • lift station overflows times
  • Activation of automatic water sampler
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Flood early warning and management
  • Also detects the presence of water in channel, ditch, …

CSCV3 features :

Wired Capacitive detectors
To be uses with LOG04V3, LOG10V3, LNUV3, PLC and pumps

Technology Capacitive technology with air referential
Detection threshold Factory setting : 90 % on dynamic threshold for wastewater
Update time Factory setting : 30s
Adjustable by 5s step
Operating temperature -40 …80°C
Black crystalline polymer
Fixing material Inox
Sealing IP68
Power supply :- Internal battery
external power supply
– Bat : 3,6V 7Ah (Battery lasts 8 years min)

– 3,6…16V
Wireless programming kit (PN : MOC0000x), via Modbus LOG V3 or sensor LNU V3
Weight CSCV3-110 790g
Cable 10m
Output 1 Modbus RS485
1 Open drain Pulse
1 Open drain NO
1 Open drain NC
Versions Bare wire 8 brins : CSCV3-110
With connector M12 8Pts : CSCV3-810
With connector for ISCO sampler : CSC-710-ISCO
Dimensions Dimensions liquid detector CSC-V3






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