Afficheur autonome FD00005 communicant en radio avec les capteurs et enregistreurs

F0D00005 Portable display

  • High resolution: 128 ×64 pixels
  • High brightness: 70 cd/m2
  • Digital interface: Master / Slave
  • Visualization up to 20 voices
  • Programmable via software or keys before
  • Up to 3 values per screen
  • Page scrolling in automatic or manual

Data from sensors located in the radio field (about 100 m), are retrieved by the concentrator and displayed directly on the screen.

Portable display F0D00005

HF Communication

It allows by secure radio frequency (RFID) to connect to various sensors and other Ijinus devices, to display 3 values per screen up to 20 channels.
The configuration of the display and the association of the sensors are done with the software Avelour 6

  • Water & wastewater
  • CSO monitoring
  • Remote level, flow, volume, water quality monitoring solutions


F0D00005 – Battery powered display with built-in radio access point



Power supply 3,6V 40Ah
Consumed power 1W
Interface RS485 RTU Maître / esclave
Programming Soft ware Avelour
Memory RAM: 256 bytes
Flash: 32 kB
Scratchpad: 128 bytes
Display OLED 2,7”, 128 x 64 pixel
Visualisation Up to 20 measures, 3 per pages
Protection IP65
Housing PPO, DIN 43700
Operating temperature -10..+60°C


Dimensions F0D00005

Screen dimensions 96 x 48 x 40 mm
Housing dimension 231 x 125 x 90 mm
Weight 864 g
Dimensions battery powered display





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