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Measuring rate from 500ms up to 1s depending on convertion from level measurementLevel sensor CNU06V3 installed in a manholeOther barckets with plate also available

Ultrasonic process level sensor CNU06V3


  • Measuring range de 0,3 … 6m
  • Configuration by radio
  • Output: Modbus RS485 (ASCII or RTU), 4-20mA current loop, Open Drain
  • Input: Contact input (1Hz max.)
  • Data type: Distance, Level (water height), Flow (depending on conversion table H/Q), Volume (periodic, infinite), Temperature
  • Measuring rate: 500ms up to 1s depending on convertion from level measurement
  • Sealing grade: IP68

The CNU06V3 is one of our new ultrasonic sensors for continuous level measurement without contact in liquids. Fast commissioning with its radio configuration using Avelour software that offers pre-assisted calibration.


Level sensor CNU06V3

This ultrasonic level sensor is intended for process applications by connection to a PLC in Modbus or 4-20mA. The CNU06V3 offers many advantages including its quick configuration by radio without line break.



Level Sensors CNU06V3


Measuring range

The CNU06V3 sensors measure from 0.3 and typically up to 6 meters. Ultrasonic power can be adjusted and the obstacles filtered


Configuration by radio

Configuration of the sensors and data analysis can done locally by radio, safely using the connection kit including Avelour 6 software.


Multi channel display

The sensor can be connected to a Modbus display for real-time data visualization

Level sensor CNU06V3


Features CNU06V3

Measuring range 0,3 … 6m
Measuring rate 500ms at 1s, Depending on conversion from level measurements
Resolution 1000 points
4mm : measure 0,3…3,0m
7mm : measure 0,3…6,0m
Data logger
500 000 measures
Power supply 8 … 30Vdc
Power consumption 1Watt max.
HF Frequencies 868Mhz (Europe) / 915MHz (USA)
Radio data access point
HF antenna Internal
Temperature range
-40 …85°C
Housing ABS 20%FV
Sealing IP68
External power supply (8 … 30Vdc), Contact Input
Modbus RS485 : Mode ASCII or RTU
  Baudrate (Baud) 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 38400, 57600 (Baudrate = 9600bps)
  Slave Address selectable by user (default addr=1)
4-20mA current loop (the sensor cannot be powered by the loop : 3 -wires connection required), Only one loop: Level and flow only
Open Drain Need of an external pull-up resistor ► (10KOhm typical)
Programming By radio using the software AVELOUR (version 5.3.0 minimum) and an USB wireless WIJI access point
Certification Atex : II 3 G
Ex ic ec IIB T4 Gc
Tamb : -20°C…+60°C


Technologies – Acoustic imagery,
– Algorithm eKo ®,
– Filtering LAMY ®

Dimensions :

dimensions Ø 74 x 197mm (Without antenna)
Weight 579g including battery
Capteur ultrason autonome pour silo


Modbus registers and decoding table:

Capteur ultrason autonome pour silo





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