LT7-0-80 Enregistreur de température communication radio

Temperature datalogger LT2-0-80

  • Autonomous, battery powered
  • Accurate digital temperature sensor
  • Lightweight data logger
  • Automatic data transfer
  • Big memory capacity
  • Wireless setting with Rfid technology
  • Sealing IP65 ou IP67

LT2-0-80 is a lightweight and battery powered temperature recorder for the traceability of temperature sensitive products. It has automatic data transfer but you can also download data locally by radio with the connection kit.
This recorder is particularly suitable to insert in parcel or cooler during transportation. Its autonomy and operation principle reduce the cost of managing the traceability of temperatures.
In RFid mode you know, in addition to the temperature history if the package or cooler is on area or not, and if the temperature reach the levels you defined.

Wireless temperature datalogger LT2-0-80

HF Communication

The mobile kit is a radio receiver and transmitter, it connects to a computer via USB. It allows secured radio connections (RFID) to various sensors and other IJINUS devices, to configure and to retrieve data.


In addition of radio communication, we have solutions to automatically send data to our website for supervision. You are able to check data history, set up alarms, export traceability in excel file.We can also provide an access point card to insert in your company telemetry box to directly, from your vehicle, retrieve data, and send them to your website.



Wireless temperature datalogger LT2-0-80

Refrigerated transport applicationsRemote monitoring of temperature sensitive products, alarmsRemote monitoring of warehouse


Wireless temperature datalogger LT2-0-80

Specifications :Operating temperature : -35°C to +85°C : ± 1°C Class 1Accuracy : -10°C à +85°C : ± 0.5°C – inertia : dT20°C=6Resolution :0.5 / 0.25 / 0.125 / 0.0625Measuring period : 5s to 24hRadio ping cycle : 1s to 60sMemory : 50 000 measures – Recording type : stop to full memory or FIFOSealing : IP66Weight : 55g


Wireless temperature datalogger LT2-0-80





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