Logger conected to fire hose capLogger allowing to set up a pressure measurement quickly without risk of interfering with the use of the drinking water networkThe LP025 data logger is compatible with fire hose caps

LP025 – Data logger absolute pressure sensor

Data logger with integrated absolute pressure sensor and quick coupling connectors to control pressure on fire hydrant.

  • Simple and fast installation
  • Battery powered logger
  • Integrated pressure sensor 0-25 bars
  • Quick coupling connector
  • Configuration by Rfid
  • Data reading in real-time by radio
  • Communication (depending on model) : HF / GSM / GPRS
  • Excel Report

Compact and autonomous, this recorder allows you to set up a pressure measurement quickly without risk of interfering with the use of the drinking water network.

LP025 – Data logger with integrated absolute pressure sensor

The data logger is configured on-site using a radio kit (radio transmitter and receiver to be connected via USB to a laptop). The hf connection is direct, no need for an activation on the logger. This kit includes the software Avelour which offers assisted and rapid configuration at each stage (logging frequency, thresholds, conversions, data communication options, etc.)

Installation principle :
liste_arrow Hose cap change on fire hydrant
liste_arrow Coupling sensor/cap via the flexible (can be done even on pressurized network)
liste_arrow Opening the valve
liste_arrow Remote configuration and data reading by radio
liste_arrow Data logging with variable interval acquisition on schedule



LP025 – Enregistreur avec capteur de pression interne


Data logger LP025

Logger 500 000 measures
Access point Yes by RF
Radio communication 100M in its wireless range (Wiji protocol)
HF / GSM antenna ¼ wave length/ Quad band – Many cable length
Operating temperature
-40 …85°C
Housing PA12
Sealing IP67
Bat : 3,6V 34Ah
Wireless programming kit (PN : MOC0000x): MOC00001(868 MHz) or MOC00002(915 MHz) includes software AVELOUR

Part numbers Loggers

LP025-80X Autonomous logger with HF communication
LP025-82X-GSM Autonomous logger with HF/GSM/GPRS communication
LP025-92X-3G Autonomous logger with HF/3G communication

Part number accessories

F0A00081 Flexible with 2 fast coupling connectors
BCH65 Fire hose cap with quick coupling DN65
BCH100 Fire hose cap with quick coupling DN100

Integrated pressure sensor:

Pressure type Absolute
Measuring range 0-25 bar>/br> Other rages available on demand
Proof pressure 50 bar
Burst pressure 75 bar
Accuracy ≤ 0.5 % of full span
Medium température -30°C up to + 85°C
Storage temperature -30°C up to + 100°C
Media All class 2 fluids compatible with stainless steel 304 (1.4301)
Non-linearity 0.2 % of span
Non-repeatability 0.1 % of span

Dimensions :

dimensions Ø 74 x 300mm
Weight 195g excluding battery






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