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Wireless level sensor InstallationUltrasonic level sensors from the LNU10V3 range

LNU10V3 Battery powered level sensors with wireless communications

  • Measuring range of 0,4 … 10m (1.30 – 33ft)
  • Wireless setting with Rfid technology
  • Communication options : GSM / GPRS / 3G / Sigfox
  • Inputs : 1x voltage (7V…30V), 2x Contacts 1Hz, Modbus
  • Outputs : 1x switch, 1x open drain, Modbus
  • Memory : 500 000 measures
  • Lithium battery powered, low-power consumption
  • Rugged, compact, sealing IP68 (1 Bar/30 days)

The LNU10V3 are our new versions of level sensors, particularly suitable for liquid measurement in harsh environment. They integrates a logger, a long life battery and communication options making it fully autonomous. Easy to use and install, the setting is done safely by radio without need of activation.

Ultrasonic level sensors LNU10V3

LNU10V3 is an all-in-one solution integrating Ultrasonic sensor, logger, communications and energy in the same device. It allows water height measurement by aerial ultrasonic, with automatic measurement cycle changes depending on thresholds, flow rate transformation through conversion tables, and many other innovative features. Sensors are equipped with connectors for coupling with an overflow detector or to control water sampler. In addition to measuring, these sensors can also be paired with others equipments located nearby or serve as data concentrators (for version with integrated communication GSM, GPRS, 3G or Sigfox).

GPRS ultrasonic level sensors LNU10V3


Measuring range

The sensors LNU10V3 typically measure from 0.4m up to 10 meters. Ultrasonic power can be adjusted to optimize measurement and autonomy


Wireless sensors configuration

Configuration of the sensors is done locally and safely by radio (RFID) using one of our programming kit to connect to PC or tablet. It includes the software Avelour 6


Sensors with or without modem

On-site radio communication for your measuring campaigns, and for remote monitoring applications some models integrate communication options like SMS / GPRS / 3G / Sigfox. Data are sent to the web platform or on your server. Our devices are compatibles with many SCADA softwares


Ultra low-power sensors: autonomy of 5 years

Energy is integrated in the sensor : lithium batteries are replaceable and last more than 5 years for 1 measurement / 15min and 1 data sending per day + alerts


liste_arrow instant HF connection of the devices neaby
liste_arrow Multi curves display of your data for analysis
liste_arrow Assisted and quick device configuration, summary provided
liste_arrow intuitive interface adapts to connected sensor
liste_arrow communication to many SCADA and FTP
liste_arrow Saving configurations as template

Ultrasonic level sensors LNU06V3

  • Water& Waste water
  • Diagnostic of sewers network
  • Combined Sewers Overflow Monitoring
  • Discharges monitoring from waste water treatment plants
  • Flow paced sampling with Ijinus sensors
  • Flood warning and management
  • Tank level monitoring

Ultrasonic level sensors LNU10V3


LNU10V3 level sensors features

Measuring range 0,4 … 10m (1.30 – 33ft)
Accuracy ± 0,2% of the measuring range up to 2,5m and 5mm beyond*
Data logger Integrated
500 000 measures
Radio access point, devices pairing Yes
Temperature range
-40 … 85°C
Housing PA12
Enclosure rating IP68 :Tested at 1 bar (10m water height) during 30 days. (Only if an Ijinus bracket is used ; PN : H0T00053 or H0T00060)
1x voltage (7V…30V), 2x Contacts 1Hz, 1x Modbus
1x switch, 1x open drain, 1x Modbus
Communication options GSM / GPRS / 3G / Sigfox
Energy Replaceable Lithium battery: 3,6V / 34Ah
Programming Configuration kit M0C0001 (868 MHz) or M0C0002 (915 MHz) that includes the software AVELOUR
Technologies Acoustic imaging,
eKo ® Algorithm,
LAMY ® Filtering algorithm

Dimensions :

Dimensions Ø 74 x 218mm (W/O antenna)
Weight 710g including battery