Contrôle de pression sur réseau d'eau potable en radio

LP025 – Data logger absolute pressure sensor

Data logger with integrated absolute pressure sensor and quick coupling connectors to control pressure on fire hydrant.

  • Simple and fast installation
  • Battery powered logger
  • Integrated pressure sensor 0-25 bars
  • Quick coupling connector
  • Configuration by Rfid
  • Data reading in real-time by radio
  • Communication (depending on model) : HF / GSM / GPRS / SIGFOX
  • Excel Report

Compact and autonomous, this recorder allows you to set up a pressure measurement quickly without risk of interfering with the use of the drinking water network.

LP025 – Data logger with integrated absolute pressure sensor

Installation principle :
liste_arrow Hose cap change on fire hydrant
liste_arrow Coupling sensor/cap via the flexible (can be done even on pressurized network)
liste_arrow Opening the valve
liste_arrow Remote configuration and data reading by radio
liste_arrow Data logging with variable interval acquisition on schedule



LP025 – Enregistreur avec capteur de pression interne


Data logger LP025

Logger 500 000 measures
Access point Yes by RF
Radio communication 100M in its wireless range (Wiji protocol)
HF / GSM antenna ¼ wave length/ Quad band – Many cable length
Operating temperature
-40 …85°C
Housing PA12
Sealing IP67
Bat : 3,6V 34Ah
Wireless programming kit (PN : MOC0000x): MOC00001(868 MHz) or MOC00002(915 MHz) includes software AVELOUR

Part numbers Loggers

LP025-80X Autonomous logger with HF communication
LP025-82X-GSM Autonomous logger with HF/GSM/GPRS communication
LP025-92X-3G Autonomous logger with HF/3G communication

Part number accessories

F0A00081 Flexible with 2 fast coupling connectors
BCH65 Fire hose cap with quick coupling DN65
BCH100 Fire hose cap with quick coupling DN100

Integrated pressure sensor:

Pressure type Absolute
Measuring range 0-25 bar>/br> Other rages available on demand
Proof pressure 50 bar
Burst pressure 75 bar
Accuracy ≤ 0.5 % of full span
Medium température -30°C up to + 85°C
Storage temperature -30°C up to + 100°C
Media All class 2 fluids compatible with stainless steel 304 (1.4301)
Non-linearity 0.2 % of span
Non-repeatability 0.1 % of span

Dimensions :

dimensions Ø 74 x 300mm
Weight 195g excluding battery