Video presentation of our software Avelour 6


Configuration of your devices using our software Avelour 6

AVELOUR, part of our programming kit (M0C000x), is a software for the analysis and configuration of IJINUS products:  sensors, data loggers, concentrators, probes,…
The access point “WIJI” automatically scans and displays all devices which are within its HF radio range. Thanks to our in house communication protocol it allows secured radio connections (RFID) to various sensors and other IJINUS devices, to locally configure and to retrieve data.

If your device has a built-in modem, you can depending on the model set up automatic remote data sending by SMS/GPRS/Sigfox to our web platform or to your own server.

When the configuration of your device is complete, it is saved to your computer but you can also choose to save it as a template to apply it to your other devices.