IJINUS, specialist in physical measurement and manufacturer of portable and battery powered sensors and data loggers offers adapted solutions, easy to install and respond to multiple application domains :


Photo application

Natural Water

  • Integrated solution for rainfall monitoring
  • Management and prevention of floods by level radar technology
  • Monitoring of water tables by autonomous and communicating piezo probes
  • Autonomous buoy for physico-chemical remote and local monitoring of natural waters
  • Data loggers for physico-chemical probes

Waste Water

  • Flow calculation for sewage networks
  • Permanent network diagnosis
  • Recording of the operating time of lift station pumps
  • Regulatory self-monitoring of storm overflows > 120 kg/d BOD5
  • Flow measurement from water velocity and height/velocity sensors
  • Connection of process sensor to PLC
  • Connection by Modbus link to PLC
  • Regulatory self-monitoring of STEPS
  • Diagnosis and continuous monitoring of H2S gaz in sewerage network

Drinking Water

  • Fast metering and pressure recording of drinking water networks
  • Pressure control on drinking water network


Photo application

Remote monitoring solutions for thermosensitive products

  • Traceability of product temperatures throughout the distribution circuit
  • Upon arrival of the package: visualization of the temperature history without opening the package
  • Traceability of the cold chain
  • Monitoring of the distribution of hot and cold meal trays
  • Possibility to retrieve data remotely
  • Management of raw material stocks

Refrigerated transport: Respect and traceability of the cold chain

  • Measure, record, time-stamp the temperatures of refrigerated trailers
  • Visualization of the T°C history without opening the package
  • Automatically transfer and save the temperature history by radio
  • Provide proof of compliance with the cold chain: traceability of goods
  • Carrier management, trailer identification
  • Ijitrack 2 cloud-based data platform
  • Raw material inventory management