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Wiji, the new Ijinus mobile App


3 main features:

liste_arrow Configuration of sensors and loggers in
liste_arrow Visualization of the last data
liste_arrow Alarm management
liste_arrow Photo of your installation sites to easily found them later

Download our Wiji App from the App Store and the Play Store, It will help you to quickly configure your sensors and data loggers on site to your Ijitrack account.
Available on mobile phone & tablet

Wiji, the new Ijinus mobile App

Quick integration

Quickly configure your sensor by scanning the QR code of the product label. Edit the group it belongs. Then thanks to your mobile GPS you can place it on the map.

Data vizualization

In addition to quickly adding sensors to your Ijitrack account, the App displays, among other things, the latest data sent by the sensors, the alarms you have configured, the pictures taken during the installation, etc.

Real time notifications

Alarms appear in real time, even if the application is closed. You manage the alerts as under the web monitoring platform Ijitrack

Download on Google Play & the App store

Logo Play Store Logo App Store : Monitoring and management in real-time of your data

Web Interface to supervise all your data, manage your clients accounts, export data in detailed reports

liste_arrow Simple and intuitive web interface
liste_arrow Protected Data Access 128-bit encryption
liste_arrow Devices configuration
liste_arrow Accounts management
liste_arrow Customizable exports to CSV and Excel
liste_arrow Multi-axis and multi-curves graphs