IJITRACK® : Remote management of levels, temperatures, energies and alarm thresholds

Web services

IJITRACK® is an online service saving you to purchase, install, manage and upgrade software or hardware.

  • Centralize all physical quantities, alarms, …
  • Visualize all measures
  • Decide on interventions and actions to be done.
  • Configure the sensors and alarm thresholds
  • Easy inventory control
  • Minimize journeys
  • Traceability of materials
  • Anticipating demand and customer needs
  • Optimization of delivery rounds
  • Simplified business and technical management

More fonctionnalities and informations

Rental Service


A complete range of sensors available for short and long term rentals including :

  • Battery powered data logger for level and flow measurement
  • Signature flow meter with Bubbler module , sampler pacing connection cable for ISCO, SIGMA
  • Portable refrigerated samplers
  • Overflow recorder and detector
  • Logger with amperometric clip to record pump operating times
  • Digital area velocity sensors, low profil, to measure level/velocity/flow rate/volume
  • Rain gauge with integrated autonomous data logger
  • Battery powered data logger with physico chemical probes : C4E / PHEHT / OPTOD / NTU
  • Compact buoys GSM, mono parameter : C4E / PHEHT / OPTOD / NTU
  • Concentrateur GSM
  • Logger 400.000 points with water pressure sensor
  • Water meter
  • Accessories : fixations, sampler pacing cable, batteries …

See all Ijinus and Teledyne Isco products to rent


Ijinus ans Teledyne Isco products to rent

After sales services, support & training


Certification / conformity :

We can also provide calibration and certification of our different ranges of sensors, data loggers, flow meters and samplers.

Training / support: 
Our qualified trainers are all environmental professionals present at each stage of your project and declining field training defined upstream.

Reparation : Our services dedicated to Teledyne Isco or Ijinus products evaluate and quote necessary repairs, ensure the maintenance and replacement of your equipment if necessary.