Battery powered Instrumented buoys

Instrumented Buoys with GSM/GPRS for lakes, rivers and seawater
The complete integrated solution for on-site or remote water quality monitoring

Available sensors :

  • Conductivity / Salinity / Temperature : BAN-CE
  • pH / Redox / Temperature  : BAN-PH
  •  02 / Temperature : BAN-OX
  • Turbidity NTU-mg / l / Temperature : BAN-TU


Digital technologie for optimized measurement
– Compact and self-stable buoy
– Retrieving data by radio on-site
– Integrated GSM option for monitoring data by internet or supervision
– Dynamic communication between several buoys


Communication HF

The headset is a radio transceiver to connect via USB to a computer. It allows secure radio frequency ( RFID) to connect to the buoys , to set and retrieve data.

Communication GSM/GPRS

The integrated data logger records data up to 15 devices in his radio field and sends them via GSM / GPRS to the scada or internet.

  • Treatment of urban waste water
  • Treatment of industrial effluents
  • Natural water monitoring
  • Drinking water

Datalogger : 500.000 Measures
Concentrator : yes
Radio Antenna : Internal ou External HF Antenna depending on model
GSM Antenna : External on GSM/GPRS models
Options : Entrées Modbus RS485
Housing : ABS 20%FV
Operating temperature : -40 …85°C
Sealing : IP68
Énergy  : 3,6V 17 Ah à 34Ah
Autonomy : Up to 4 years