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Configuration & data analysis softwareSoftware avelour 7 for PC and laptopEasy configuration of your loggers with Avelour 7

Configuration software Avelour 7

  • Instant radio connection of sensors and logger nearby
  • The intuitive interface adapts to connected sensor
  • Quick configuration provides the step by step configuration
  • Recapitulation summary
  • Multi curves display of your data
  • Back-up are available for both data and settings
  • Work safely by staying away from your measurement points
  • Whole configuration of a sensor can be saved as template and paste into others

Operating principles are the same for all devices :
Part of our connection kit, Avelour allows to connect to various Ijinus devices on-site by radio, to set, retrieve and display data, but also to export them in various file formats.

Configuration of your devices

Configuration software Avelour 7

AVELOUR, part of our configuration kits (M0C000x or WIJIKEY-x), is a software for the analysis and configuration of IJINUS products:  radar and ultrasonic level sensors, data loggers, concentrators, probes, displays …
The access point “WIJI” automatically scans and displays all devices which are within its HF radio range. Thanks to our in house communication protocol it allows secured radio connections (RFID) to various sensors and other IJINUS devices, to locally configure and to retrieve data.

If your device has a built-in modem (2G/3G or 2G/4G), you can depending on the model set up automatic remote data sending by SMS/GPRS to our web monitoring platform or to your own server.

When the configuration of your device is complete, it is saved to your computer but you can also choose to save it as a template to apply it to your other devices.


Data analysis and export

With the software AVELOUR, you can retrieve and save data from your sensors and loggers and display various curves and/or graphs for comparison and analysis. With our new graphic editor, you are able to choose to display your data in different type of lines curves, points and others shapes. You can also choose to compare different devices data in the same graph and add/hide parameters, to apply conversion or formula.
Convenient types of data exports are available directly from your graph with the choice of file types (GIF, Jpeg, Excel, CSV), from date to date, type of parameter(s).


Device updates

Each update of the software can also integrates firmware updates of your sensors and loggers. Then when you connect to your device, Avelour will offer you to upgrade to the new version that will bring many benefits.


Configuration of your sensor for your applications


  • Natural water, drinking water, and wastewater
  • CSO/SSO monitoring
  • Remote level, flow, volume, area velocity monitoring solutions
  • Rainfall, Pump run-time, pressure metering
  • Flood warning systems, groundwater monitoring, instrumented Buoys
  • Drinking water network diagnosis



Requirements for using the software :

A configuration kit, either the USB « WIJI » : M0C00001 (868MHz) or M0C00002 (915MHz), or the USB/rado Stick : WIJIKEY-8 (868MHz) or WIJIKEY-9 (915MHz)

An Ijinus device : data logger or sensor
Minimal version : Windows 7


Software versions

  • BUG : Fixed logger connection problem

  • UPG : Support for BLUE and BLUE-LP loggers, dedicated to drinking water network diagnostic
  • UPG : New data visualization chart
  • UPG : New documentation
  • UPG : New Modbus Master template
  • UPG : New templates : Modbus flowmeter and Radar water level + wired overflow detector
  • UPG : Reorganization of the sending block
  • FMW : New Firmware for radar watre level sensor, and Blue loggers
  • BUG : Many bug fixes

  • UPG : Silent install mode added

  • UPG : Addition of a daily diagnosis (battery voltage and gauge) for non-communicating loggers.
  • UPG : Increase of alert for the date of the last H2S gas cartridge calibration from 6 months to 1 year.
  • UPG : Decrease in the default number of debugging echoes recorded from 50 to 10.
  • UPG : Alert via a display on Avelour if the measurement frequency of an Ubertone sensor is set to a value lower than one minute with power from the internal logger battery.
  • UPG : Removal of the “force a measurement” option for applications where this button is non-functional (applications with an external measurement in addition to an internal measurement).
  • UPG : Modification of the RSSI quality display.
  • BUG : Correction of a problem if the SMS ID is greater than 255.
  • BUG : Correction of a problem with the display of the data send block summary in Italian.
  • BUG : Correction of a problem with updating RSSI quality in radio communication in case of signal loss.

  • BUG : False positive with some antivirus softwares.
  • BUG : Error on displaying echos in some cases.

  • UPG : Modern user interface
  • UPG : Radar management

  • UPG : V4 management (FTPS, 4G, OneWire…)

  • UPG : Send option to set the dns server + change default sntp server







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