Battery powered radar level sensor LNR06V4 with radio & cellular communication
Radar-level-sensor-LNR06V4-LTE-battery poweredRadar sensors with radio/2G/3G/4G/ModbusSuitable for permanent or temporary installations

LNR06V4 – Battery powered radar level sensor

  • Radar water level sensor LNR06V4 measures up to 6 meters
  • Wireless radio configuration for ease of use and security
  • Battery powered with long autonomy, memory of 500 000 measurements
  • Communication: local by radio + 1 optional card 2G / 4G (LTE-M – NB-IoT)
  • Compact and robust, it is thus more discreet and ensures a reduced visual footprint in the natural environment.
  • This sensor is not impacted by particular exposures such as wind or temperature variations
  • Inputs : 1x External power supply (5Vcc…30Vcc), 2x contacts 100Hz, 1x Modbus
  • Outputs : 1x Power supply (internal battery or switch), 1x Open Drain, 1x Modbus
  • Rugged and fully waterproof : IP68 housing tested at 1 bar during 30 days
  • Integrated conversion tables (height, flow, volume)
  • This water level sensor is compatible with the portable display F0D00020
  • Avelour version 7 minimum version required with the new LNR06V4 radar level sensor

LNR06V4 radar water level sensor

The level sensors with integrated radar of this new V4 series have been designed for use in the most difficult environments where temperature, tightness and safety are essential. The LNR06V4 sensor is suitable for permanent or temporary installations, for measurements up to 6M. They offer many advantages including ease of installation. Position it in its mounting and set it up remotely by radio

Uses of the LNR06V4-LTE radar level sensor - logger

The LNR06V4 loggers/radar level sensors :

are quality instruments, manufactured at the Ijinus site in Mellac. Robust and waterproof (IP 68 tested at 1 bar during 30 days), they can be installed in outdoor locations, in places exposed to meteorological conditions. They autonomously measure and record water levels in rivers, storage basins or stormwater retention basins, irrigation canal, and at the inlet and outlet of wastewater treatment plants.

The LNR06 radar level logger from Ijinus is an all-in-one system. It replaces the traditional measurement kit consisting of a sensor, a power supply and a PLC for data collection. It is a Plug&Play solution with integrated battery.

Data are available on the Ijitrack web platform and Wiji mobile App, or your own SCADA page  


LNR06V4 applications

The LNR level sensor-logger is based on radar measurement technology. Electromagnetic in nature, the radar wave is not impacted by particular exposures such as wind or temperature variations. The solution is therefore perfectly suited for outdoor use, even when exposed to weather conditions..


This radar level sensor is perfect for monitoring:

  • streams : preventive management of low water and floods
  • rainwater storage or retention basins : monitoring
  • inlets and outlets of wastewater treatment plants : The measurement of water height allows the calculation of flows by conversion, to meet the regulatory obligations.
  • lagoon discharge level and flow monitoring
  • Irrigation Canal radar level measurement
  • Any other needs in water level measurement


Spécificationsof the radar level sensor LNR06V4


LNR06V4 features

Measuring distance 0,15 … 6m
Resolution 2 000 samples available for the measured distance, 1mm minimum (Example : ± 4 mm for a distance of 6m)
Accuracy ± 0,2% of measured distance with a minimum of ± 2mm*
Data logger Integrated, capacity of
500 000 data
Radio access point yes
Operating temperature -40 … 85°C
1 external power supply (5Vcc…30Vcc), 2 Contacts 100Hz, 1 Modbus
Outputs 1 power supply (internal battery or switch), 1 open drain, 1 Modbus
Communication Radio HF (868 MHz or 915 MHz) + 1x optional cellular card 2G / 4G (LTE-M – NB-IoT)
Radio / cellular antenna Internal or external radio antenna, external cellular antenna. Please see the configuration table
Energy Lithium Battery : 3,6V 34Ah
Configuration AVELOUR software part of the configuration kit: Wijikey or M0C
Technologies Radar imaging 60 GHz,
eKo® algorithm,
LAMY® filtrering
Certifications Atex : II 3 G
Ex ic ec IIB T4 Gc
Tamb : -20°C…+60°C


Logger Housing:

Logger PA12 filled with natural glass fibre
Antenna bolt and connector Inox A2 304
O-ring seal EPDM
Enclosure rating IP68: 1 month time under 1 bar (only when an Ijinus mounting kit is used PN : H0T00053 or H0T00060)
Dimensions Ø 74 x 197mm (without external antenna)
Weight 520g/td>
LNR06V4 DimensionsDimensions of the radar level sensor LNR06V4


LNR06V4 radar level sensor documentation






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