Overflow detector with capacitive technology
Overflow detector installes with its fixing plateMeasuring period changeDirect communication using Bluetooth Low Energie (BLE)

OVERFLOW water level detector

Capacitive overflow detector allowing reliable and unrivalled detection of water levels and overflows in the most difficult conditions

  • Air referenced capacitive technology
  • Settings configuration via Bluetooth BLE using the OverFlow mobile App.
    No activation of the detector is required.
  • Modbus output, pulse open drain, NO, NC
  • Secure spill recording even in the event of a power cut, thanks to battery and internal memory for 100 events
  • PLC and process compatible
  • Management and monitoring of sensor fouling
  • IP68 grade housing
  • Instrumentation of storm water overflows, wastewater and natural water networks

Data can be manually downloaded by Bluetooth Low energy (BLE) to a mobile phone that’s near the manhole where the detector is located, using the OverFlow App. This reduces the need for confined space entry and traffic control.

OVERFLOW water level detector

Functioning of the Overflow detector

The OVERFLOW overflow sensor uses capacitive measurement with an air reference frame, which requires very little power consumption. It has a battery life of several years, even when powered by an autonomous logger.

OVERFLOW performs measurements taking into account both the elements located in contact with it, and up to a few centimetres from the housing. Thanks to this innovative CapAir® technology, the sensor is highly insensitive to fouling. It is also possible to adjust the overflow logging threshold to take account of restrictive external conditions in particularly clogged networks.

Use with a recorder, level sensor or PLC

Can be used with one of the LOG03V4 or LOG04V4 loggers or an LNU06V4 ultrasonic level sensor or a LNR06V4 radar level sensor.
If those loggers are equipped with a cellular communication card, data can be sent via GSM/GPRS to a server/SCADA or our web-based software ijitrack.com.
The bare-wire detector version, connected to a PLC, allows a change of status to be sent to the PLC, as well as a fouling indicator (if Modbus link configured).

Communication and configuration

This new overflow sensor can be configured via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) using the OverFlow mobile app available from the Android Play Store. No activation of the detector is required.
This App allows you to check or change the capacitive saturation threshold used to switch the product to the submerged state. Other parameters can also be modified: measurement period, type of digital output (NO, NC, Pulse), etc.

OverFlow mobile App icon


Applications for this level sensor :

  • Monitoring of storm overflows
  • Surface water & Waste water monitoring
  • Sewer overflow monitoring
  • Sanitary system overflow monitoring (SSO)
  • lift station overflows times
  • Activation of automatic water sampler
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Flood early warning and management
  • Also detects the presence of water in irrigation channel, ditch, …

Overflow detector specifications


To be used with the following loggers : LOG03V4, LOG04V4; the level sensors : LNU06V4 (ultrasonic), LNR06V4 (radar); PLC and pumps

Technology Capacitive technology with air referential
Brevet Ijinus
Detection threshold Factory setting : 90 % on the maximal capacitive calibrated value
Operating temperature -20 … 50°C
Black crystalline polymer
Fixing plate material Inox
Sealing IP68
Power supply: Internal : Battery 3,6V et 36Ah replaceable battery at factory (Up to 4 years autonomy with factory setting)
Ou external : 9…24V
the OverFlow mobile App available from Android Play Store
Dimensions with mounting plate 91 x 112 x 32 mm
Weight CSCV4-110 270g without cable – 790g with cable
Cable length 10m


Output 1 Modbus RS485 interface
1 Open drain output configurable as pulse, normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC)
Versions – bare wire 8 pins : CSCV4-110
– with connector M12 8Pts : CSCV4-810
– with connector for ISCO portable sampler : CSCV4-710-ISCO
– with connector for ISCO 5800 stationary sampler : CSCV4-1610-ISCO
Fixing kit : H0T00054 (without tube)
Fixing extension kit : H0T00056
Sensor Fixing kits


Overflow detector documentation





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