Water flow, counter, internal pressure logger

BLUE-LP flow logger with built-in pressure sensor 0-25 Bar

  • Drinking water network diagnostic loggers, 500 000 data, autonomous
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Built-in absolute pressure sensor 0-25 bar, quick coupling connector, drinking water certification : NSF/ANSI 61/372 – MH60087
  • 2x digital contact inputs or counter 100 Hz max (Ready for 4 digital inputs),
    1x RS485 Modbus
  • 1x 4-20mA input, 1x open collector output, 1x Modbus RS485
  • Wireless configuration and data collection via radio
  • 2G/4G (LTE-M / NB-IoT) communication option to Ijitrack.com or your server (secure protocol or .CSV)
  • IP68 housing : 2m / 100 days
  • Excel report

The most versatile logger on the market.. Battery powered and compact, this data logger allows you to record many different parameters (pulse count, Modbus flow meter, 4-20mA, another pressure sensor, …)

Data logger with 0-25 bar internal pressure sensor and function connector

Drinking water flow and pressure logger

The BLUE range of data loggers is the ALL-IN-ONE solution for optimised management of drinking water network sectorisation.

  • Water network pressure monitoring: Connection of the integrated pressure sensor, using a quick-fit coupling or adapter, to a fire hydrant or pipe.
  • Flow logging : Connection to electromagnetic flowmeters via Modbus (Krohne, ABB, Siemens, …).
  • Recording of volumes by pulse counting (100Hz max) : Use of a Cyble /pulse unit to be connected to the drinking water meter.
  • Default / door opening logging, connected to a digital input.
  • Control and command of a control valve via digital output.

Quick radio configuration of the equipment

The logger can be configured on site by radio using a radio kit (radio transmitters and receivers to be connected via USB to a computer). The connection is direct, without the need to activate the device. This kit includes Avelour 7 software, which provides assisted application configuration models at each stage (measurement frequency, thresholds, conversions, data communication options and tests, …). Several applications can be configured for one logger.

Cellular data transfer over 2G / 4G (LTE-M/NB-IoT)

The BLUE-LP logger measures and records up to 500 000 values. The data are sent automatically to a remote server via 2G / 4G (LTE-M/NB-IoT), according to your preferences or defined thresholds.
If you opt for a logger with an integrated modem card, you can send your data directly to our web platform ijitrack.com, or any other server.


Drinking water flow and pressure logger features

BLUE-LP data logger

logger 500 000 measures
Inputs 2x pulse inputs 100 Hz maximum,
1x 4-20mA input (built-in pressure sensor),
1x 4-20mA input for an external sensor,
1x RS485 Modbus input
(if not used as output)
Outputs 1x open collector
1x Modbus output
(If not already used as input)
Connector M12 12 points
radio communication around 100M communication distance (Wiji protocol)
Antennas Internal radio antenna and external cellular antenna
Housing PA12 50% glass fibe
Sealing grade IP68 at 2m /100 days
Energy Bat : 3,6V 34Ah
Configuration Wireless configuration kit (PN : MOC00001 or WijiKey) that includes the software AVELOUR 7

Ordering infos

BLUE-LP-80 Battery powered logger, data download by radio on-site
BLUE-LP-82-LTE Battery powered logger, radio / 2G / LTE-M / NB-IOT data communication


F0A00081 Flexible with quick coupling pressure connectors
H0K00022 DN65 aluminium hydrant cap with coupling connection
H0K00024 DN100 aluminium hydrant cap with coupling connection
D0I00137 M12 12Pts connector / bare wires cable
D0I00138 M12 12Pts connector / Krohne flowmeter 3M cable
D0I00139 M12 12Pts connector / ABB flowmeter 3M cable

Internal pressure sensor:

Range 0-25 bar
Test pressure 50 bar
Burst pressure 200 bar
Accuracy ≤ 0.3 % of full scale
Operating temperature -30°C up to 85°C
Storage temperature -30°C up to 100°C
Certifications NSF/ANSI 61/372 – MH60087

BLUE-LP dimensions :

Dimensions 116 x 224 mm for a thickness of 52,5 mm
Weight 700g (with battery and cellular card)
BLUE-LP logger dimensionsBlue-LP logger dimensions


BLUE-LP pressure logger documentation



The BLUE-LP logger is the ALL-IN-ONE solution for optimised management of drinking water network sectorisation.




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