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Claire Connect


Ijinus, a company of the division FAST / WAYVE / IJINUS


to better preserve water resources

Monitoring and control systems for water networks


Systèmes de surveillance et de pilotage pour les réseaux d’eau Claire Connect

Motivated by the preservation of resources, the Claire group offers within its Connect division a set of solutions intended to monitor water networks to improve performance.


Fast - Groupe Claire


Fast, based in Germany, supplies systems and equipment for leak detection and localization : The BIDI loggers connected to a tablet or web platform for water network monitoring, the   compact AQUA M40 device for prelocating leaks, universal solution by acoustic method and tracer  gas AQUA M300, versatile correlator LOKAL 400,  the PIPEMIC device for both pipe location and leakage detecting process.

Localisateur de fuite - Fast
Leakage detection by correlation, pinpointing, prelocating, pipe Searching & Monitoring,

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Wayve - Groupe Claire


Wayve solutions, developed by Sainte-Lizaigne, offer systems for the supervision and control of drinking water networks. The smart boxes can optimize water consumption, minimize operating costs, limit the risk of leaks and preserve water quality.
The EAR and SENSE systems are network monitoring points for leak detection, temperature monitoring or pressure control.

Box connectées réseaux d'eau - Wayve
Smart boxes designed to automatize drinking water networks maintenance.

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Ijinus - Groupe Claire


Ijinus specializes in the development of instrumentation, autonomous measurement and data transmission systems for water monitoring: metrology equipment, automatic water samplers, sensors and dataloggers combined to an Andoid & IOS App via a web monitoring platform. Battery powered remote monitoring loggers for surface water, drinking water and wastewater


Instrumentation connectée - Ijinus
Connected instrumentation for the environment, logistics & industry

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