Portable display for radar or ultrasonic water level sensors
Stationary or portable display for LNR06V4 water level sensorControl of measurement from LNR06V4 water level sensorF0D00020 display for measurement control on-demand

F0D00020 Portable display

  • 2.42″ monochrome OLED screen for 128×64 pixels
  • Automatic data scrolling on 4 screens
  • Compatible with the water height logger (LNU06V4) and radar level sensor (LNR06V4)
  • Display powered by the logger internal battery
  • Activation by the bottom push button
  • via Avelour software
  • Can be installed outdoors as it is rainproof (IP65)

Display allowing to control the values of our water level sensors and data loggers. It is autonomous and powered by the connected sensor internal battery.
The values of water height, volume, flow, and rainfall are available on its 4 scrolling screens.

F0D00020 – Display for water level logger

The data of the level sensors such as LNU06V4 or LNR06V4 are retrieved on the display by a Modbus connection. It is necessary to press the bottom push button to display the data. Up to 4 screens are available to display the values (height, flow, volume, rainfall). Those can be configured using the Avelour software.


F0D00020 features

Power supply 1 Watt via the connected logger battery
Data visualisation 4 values scrolling on 4 screens
Interface RS485 RTU Master / Slave
Housing PPO, DIN 43700
Housing grade IP65
Configuration Avelour 6 software

Dimensions :

Housing dimension 125 x 151 X 90 mm
Screen dimension 96 X 48 X 48 mm
Working temperature -10..+60°C
Weight 620g
F0D00020 Portable display dimensions


F0D00020 Display applications

  • Natural Water and Wastewater
  • Permanent monitoring of storm overflows
  • Monitoring and management of storage tanks
  • Flood management and prevention
  • Process management


Datasheet and documentation





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