Flood warning systems : Ubiflood Project

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July 2011

Flood warning systems : Ubiflood Project

Flood warning systems, flood forecasting, SCADA, ICT, ubiquitous computing, sensors, distributed approach.
Floods in Asia represent the first natural hazard. During the last five years, major events have affected more than 600 millions in Asian countries and constitute one of the main obstacles to the economic and social developments. In order to address part of the flooding challenge, the use of ICT can be promoted according to the type of flooding and local situation of IT environment. In a very classical approach like the SCADA systems, most of the decision making process takes place after a centralization of data and some simulations produced by one or several models.

In such case, the reaction time requests at least several minutes which are already longer than the flooding process that may append in less than 10 minutes after the start of the rain. The UbiFLOOD project deals with implementation of ubiquitous computing in flood warning and forecasting systems in different Asian background and the aim of the UbiFLOOD project is to implement ubiquitous solutions in the existing flood warning and forecasting systems. As an outcome, the framework will be developed with the main purpose to alert the population regarding flood alert. Since ubiquitous computing in flood warning systems is not widely applied in Asia, the new proposed solution within the framework should result in better operational organization and management of warning systems. Using Ijinus Battery operated level sensors LNU

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