Wireless monitoring solutions for temperature

Temperature sensitive products

  • Products temperatures remain available to download throughout the distribution chain
  • At delivery, you are able to visualize T°C history without opening it, by radio
  • Possibility to download remotely all data with a portable terminal
  • Certified EN 12830
Refrigerated transport : Compliance and traceability of the cold chain

  • Measuring, recording, time-stamp temperatures of refrigerated trailers
  • Automatically transfer and save temperature measurements
  • Prove compliance with the cold chain traceability of goods
  • RFID recognition, vehicle fleet management
  • Certified EN 12830


Suivi des températures en enceintes multi zones

Wireless datalogger with 2 external température probes for refrigerated warehouse, trailers, meal cart hot/cold

LT7-2-80 : Battery powered temperature logger parti cularly suitable for dry and refrigerated warehouse or transport applications with different temperature zones. Its autonomy and operation principle reduce the cost of managing the traceability of temperatures..


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Temperature data logger for parcels and coolers

Temperature logger for parcels and coolers

LT2-0-80 :Lightweight and battery powered temperature recorder with radio communication for the traceability of temperature sensitive products.
Measuring range: Min: -35°C / Max: 85°C


Temperature data logger for sensitive goods


Temperature monitoring in refrigerated transport

Wireless temperature logger for refrigerated warehouse, container, and trailers

LT7-7-80 : Autonomous logger particularly suited for dry and cold storage warehouse and transport application. Its autonomy and operation principle reduce the cost of managing the traceability of temperatures. Measuring range : Min: -35°C / Max: 85°C



refrigerated warehouse and trailers


Remote monitoring solutions for waste collectors

Fill-level sensors for containers

Wireless Fill-level sensors 3G

Wireless Fill-level sensors LNU6V3-3G et LNU10V3-3G

New range of Fill-level sensors, autonomous and communicating locally in radio. A master sensor with modem retrieves the data from other sensors nearby and sends them to our Web management platform ijitrack.com. Other communication protocols available.


Fill level sensor in waste container

Kit de paramétrage des capteurs Ijinus

Configuration kit

Instant radio connection to sensors and data loggers using a walk by and the software Avelour (Intuitive software that adapts its interface to the connected sensors). It allows secured radio connections (RFID, proprietary procol) to various sensors and other IJINUS devices, to configure, retrieve, display and export data.


The mobile kit includes a radio receiver and transmitter with antenna, a USB cable and the software

Supervision Ijitrack.com

Web platform Ijitrack.com & Wiji App

Web Interface to supervise all your data, manage your clients accounts, export data in detailed reports : – Simple and intuitive interface – An App for Androide & IOS – Management tools for users, clients, locations… – Protected Data Access


App Wiji available on android and IOS


Training and installation support

Training: Our trainers are all qualified and know these applications perfectly. They will help your staff improve their knowledge, reduce risks, install and control equipment. We recommend a half a day theoretical training followed by field installations.


User support