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Autonomous Wireless Overflow Detector LSC

  • Capacitive technology with air referential
  • Management and monitoring of fouling
  • High resistance to corrosion and chemical products
  • Long life Lithium battery powered
  • Enclosure rating IP68
  • Dynamic analysis of thresholds
  • Wireless setting with Rfid technology
  • Memory : 500 000 measures
  • IJINUS Patent

IJINUS presents the first overflow detector that integrate the CapAir ® technology, IJINUS patent , simplifying installation and reducing maintenance considerably compared to a resistive and a traditional capacitive technology.

The CapAir ® technology, capacitive measurement with air referential, enables reliable and unequaled water overflows detection in the toughest conditions.


Wireless Overflow data logger LSC

Water level detection.
The Autonomous Overflow Detector will detect the presence of water (or any conductive fluid) above a threshold (ON/OFF state). The detection area is clearly marked on the case by 2 white stripes which allows a precise installation. The user will simply position the detection area at the threshold level required.
A capacitive measure will detect water on the case surface. Note that the measuring system is located inside the case. In order to improve their accuracy, the capacitive measurements are temperature compensated
The advantage of the capacitive technology is the fact that there is no direct contact between the detection system and the environment (which is not the case of conductive systems). Mechanical systems (floaters), are often failing due to clogging, impacts or foreign objects.

HF communication and configuration
Thanks to the programming kit you can set up on site the overflow detector by radio. You will download the same way all stored data from its internal logger.
This kit includes the software Avelour.

liste_arrow Communication GSM / GPRS / 3G / SIGFOX
The Overflow detector LSC connects to an IJINUS sensor or data logger via radio that sends data and alerts by GSM /GPRS / 3G / Sigfox to SCADA software.
Autonomous and wireless, there is no more risk of damaged cable during immersion or cut by rodents. Radio communication is just handy and safer for the fitter who remains out of a dangerous area.


  • Drinking water, Surface water & Waste water
  • Sewer overflow monitoring
  • Sanitary system overflow monitoring (SSO)
  • Remote level monitoring solutions
  • Flood warning systems
  • Tank monitoring
  • Also detects the presence of water in channel, ditch, …


LSC-00-8-S features

PN / Frequencies
LSC-00-8-S (868 MHz)
LSC-00-9-S (915 MHz)
Threshold detection
Factory setting : 90 % on dynamic threshold for wastewater
Update time Factory setting : 30s
Temperature compensation Yes
Datalogger 50.000 measures
HF Antenna Internal
Operating temperature -40 … 85°C
Housing Black crystalline polymer
Fixing plate Inox
Enclosure rating IP68
Energy Internal battery : 3,6V 7Ah
Replaceable battery in factory (8 years autonomy minimum)
Technology Capacitive with air referential
IJINUS patent
Programming and
Software Avelour by radio HF
Certifications CE – FCC: SE6E002

Logger dimensions

Dimensions 88 x 90 x 32mm
Weight 300g
Dimensions Overflow data logger LCS






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