External cellular antenna EU 5M B0E00083

B0E00083 external cellular antenna EU 5M

  • Omnidirectional antenna
  • Reinforced IP68 sealing (connected sensor or data logger)
  • For use in a confined chambers such as a sewer network manhole or enclosure with metal cover.
  • Compatible with LNR06V4 radar and LNU06V4 ultrasonic level sensors
  • Compatible with all LOG V4 data loggers (LOG03V4, LOG04V4, LOG09V4, LOGAZV4, BLUE-LP, BLUE)
  • 5 m length flexible antenna

For installation in a sewer manhole, it is advisable to drill a hole in the masonry of the manhole under the cover, with a minimum diameter of 11 mm and a minimum depth of 20 cm, and then insert the cellular antenna. This configuration allows the signal quality to be optimised so that data from the logger or sensor can be sent to the supervision system.
Depending on the situation, the quality of the network may be insufficient, and other positions and/or antennas may be better suited.

B0E00083 cellular antenna description

External cellular antenna for Ijinus sensors and loggers. Other antenna lengths and types are available depending on the type of installation and its region of the world.


Antenna features

Antenna type Omnidirectional
Frequencies GSM 900 (890-960 MHz),
GSM 1800 (1710-1880 MHz)
Connector SMB
Gain Max gain +0 dBi
Operating temperature -20°C up to +65°C
Protection IP68 protection (when plugged), reinforced PU sheath, stainless steel clamping nut
Dimensions Ø 45 x 5m
Weight 124 g
Cellular antenna fitted to a data logger



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