Préleveur automatique d'eau industriel poste fixe ISCO 5800
Échantillonneur automatique eaux usées poste fixe ISCO 58002chantillonneur d'eauPréleveur d'eau industriel robuste ISCO 5800

Isco 5800 Refrigerated Sampler

  • Municipal and industrial wastewater applications
  • Tough and Environmentally friendly
  • Sample volume accuracy
  • Advanced delivery system
  • High performance coolin

The 5800 Refrigerated Sampler is Isco’s answer to the rigorous demands of water monitoring. With user-friendly controls and workplace-savvy features, the 5800 is the only choice for stationary sampling in both municipal and industrial wastewater applications.

Isco 5800 refrigerated water sampler

Along with easy control and on-site programmability, it also has a unique slide-out bottle rack that eliminates awkward stooping and bending when retrieving sample containers.
The controller actively regulates and displays the sample compartment temperature, and logs a 24-hour summary to confirm proper sample cooling. Not only can you download the temperature record with a basic utility program such as Tera Term, you can also view this information on the unit display.

Isco-tough – and environmentally friendly, too
The 5800 Sampler follows the Isco standard for weather and corrosion resistance. The tough, double-wall LLDPE cabinet shrugs off exposure to weather and harsh environments. It is filled from top to bottom with insulation for efficient temperature control for keeping samples cool in hot, humid conditions and has heaters to keep the samples from freezing in cold conditions.

Heat-treated polyester powder coating protects the refrigeration system, ensuring long life and reliability in corrosive treatment plant conditions.

Advanced delivery system
The 5800 Sampler uses Isco’s proven peristaltic pump to deliver samples at the EPA-recommended line velocity of at least 2 ft/s (0.6 m/s), even at head heights up to 25 feet (7.6 m).

Sample volume accuracy is assured by the pump revolution counter and Isco’s liquid detection system. Pump tubing replacement is simple and fast without requiring tools. A safety interlock disables the pump during tube replacement.



Typical areas of application

  • Water & wastewater
  • Uniform time intervals – Uniform sample volumes
  • Uniform time intervals – Flow-proportioned sample volumes
  • Uniform sample volumes – Flow-proportioned time intervals



Isco 5800 Refrigerated Sampler
Size : H x L x P :  132 x 72 x 84 cm
Weight :  83,5 kg

Refrigerator Body :Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)

Power Requirements : 115VAC, 60 Hz, or 230VAC, 50 Hz (specify)
Operational temperature : -20 to 120 °F (-29 to 49°C) The display response time may be longer at temperatures below 0 °F.
Intake suction tubing length : 3 to 99 feet (1 to 30 m)
Intake suction tubing material :  Vinyl or FEP-lined PE
Pump tubing life : Typically 1,000,000 pump counts
Maximum suction lift :  28 feet (8.5 m)
Typical accuracy at lifts up to 25 ft :  ±10 ml or ±10% of programmed value, whichever is greater.
Typical line velocity at head height : 3 ft. (0.9 m) = 3.0 ft./s (0.91 m/s); 10 ft. (3.1 m) = 2.9 ft./s (0.87 m/s); 15 ft. (4.6 m) = 2.7 ft./s (0.83 m/s)
Liquid presence detector :  Non-wetted, non-conductive sensor detects when liquid sample reaches the pump to automatically compensate for changes in head heights

Enclosure rating : NEMA 4X, 6 (IP67)
Program memory : Non-volatile ROM
Flow meter signal inputs : 5 to 15 volt DC pulse or 25 ms isolated contact closure for Isco flow meters. 4-20 mA input for non-Isco flow meters.
Digital alarms : 4 programmable outputs; 5V, 100 mA
Number of composite samples : Programmable from 1 to 999 samples

Sample frequency : 1 minute to 99 hours 59 minutes, in 1-minute increments. 1 to 9,999 flow pulses
Sampling modes : Constant time – constant volume, Constant time – variable volume, Variable time – constant volume (Flow modes are controlled by external flow meter signal)
Programmable sample volumes :  10 to 9,990 ml in 1 ml increments
Sample retries :  If no sample is detected, up to 3 attempts; user selectable



ISCO 5800 sampler documentation





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