LOGAZPRO-H2S data logger with Modbus output
The H2S Cartridges integrate the calibration

H2S logger with process output LOGAZPRO-H2S

  • Measuring range : 0-2000ppm
  • Wireless setting by radio, no activation needed on the device
  • Outputs : 4-20mA and/or Modbus RS485
  • Memory : up to 500 000 measures
  • H2S gaz cell changeable on-site
  • Logger enclosure rating IP68

This logger integrates the H2S sensor and some outputs so-called process like 4-20mA and Modbus RS485.

H2S loggers with process output LOGAZPRO-200 & LOGAZPRO-2000

This logger integrates the H2S sensor and some outputs so-called process either using 4-20mA or Modbus RS485. The measurement is performed by an electrochemical cell, the measuring head is easily interchangeable on-site and embarks its calibration. The sensor has radio communication capabilities up to 100m for configuration and a logger that allows measurement history retrieval also by radio.

Gaz cell features

H2S measuring range of 0-2000ppm (Maximum overexposure 10 000ppm). They are changeable very easily on-site with the their keyed connector.



liste_arrow Instant radio connection H2S logger neaby
liste_arrow Assisted and quick device configuration, summary provided
liste_arrow Multi curves display of your data for analysis
liste_arrow Intuitive interface adapts to connected sensor
liste_arrow Communication to many SCADA and FTP
liste_arrow Saving configurations as template


H2S loggers fearures

Features LOGAZ-PRO :

Power supply External : 7 … 30Vdc ; 1Watt max so 150mA (7V) to 40mA (30V)
Internal : lithium battery 3,6V 17Ah (PN : A0100009) used for the autonomous datalogger mode
Process output
External power supply
necessary (8…30Vdc)
4-20 mA current loop (the sensor can not be powered by the loop: 3-wires connection required)
Modbus RS485

  • Mode ASCII or RTU
  • Speed (Baud) 600, 1200, … ,19200, 38400, 57600 (default 9600 baud)
  • 8 bits data, 1 stop bit, no parity by default
  • Configurable slave address (default address =1)
  • Reading of concentration on the extended Modbus table (@184 cf : K0K00011, available in the configuration of the logger using our software Avelour)

Word (16bits) coded in « little endian » : lsb first
Short = 1 word = 16bits / Long = 2 words = 32bits
Inversed 32bits = word 2 before word 1

Measuring period Minimum 10s
Connector Circular connector M12 – 8 points
1- Vin (white)
2- GND (brown)
3- RS485-High (A) (green)
4- RS485-Low (B) (yellow)
5- Current output (grey)
Radio Internal antenna – 100m distance coverage – Protocol WIJI®
HF frequencies ISM 868MHz (Europe) / 915MHz (USA)
Data logger 500 000 Measures
Operating temperature -40 …85°C
Housing ABS 20% FV
Ingress Protection IP68 (only with the use of Ijinus mounting kit PN: H0T00060, not to tight, perfect size and gripping)
Programming AVELOUR software part of the programming kit M0C00001(868 MHz), or M0C00002(915 MHz)
Certification Atex : II 3 G
Ex ic ec IIB T4 Gc
Tamb : -20°C…+60°C


Internal battery (not-included)
– Allows radio configuration and to save the hour in case of power failure for the logger function
– Battery operation does not allow the use of process outputs
3,6V 17Ah
Dimensions LOGAZ-H2S-PRO / Cell Ø71 x 215 mm / Ø50 x 54 mm
Weight 365g

Dimensions LOGAZ-H2S-PRO


Dimensions data logger LOGAZ-H2S-PRO


H2S loggers with process output LOGAZPRO documentation





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