inclinometre 2 axes
Inclination sensor installed on clapet valve

Inclination sensor 2 axes F0T00002

  • 2 axes X and Y
  • Wireless setting with Rfid technology
  • Radio communication, GSM/GPRS option
  • Sealing grade IP68

This inclination sensor is suitable for multiple applications. It is characterized by its compact design, metallic mounting. The sensor connects by 4-20mA to a data logger LOG03V4.
Ability to safely retrieve data locally by RFID or to automatically send them to a supervisor by GSM/GPRS/4G.

Inclination sensor 2 axes : F0T00002 features


Sensor 2 axes inclination sensor
Axes X and Y
Power supply 10 .. 30 V DC – It can’t be powered by the loopWire : V+ / GND / Iout (3 wires)
Measuring range -90 .. +90 ° for the 2 axes
Analog output signal
4 .. 20 mAEample :
Axe Y : 4mA vertical position and connector facing up -90°
Axe Y : 20mA vertical position and connector facing up +90°
Resolution 0.1°
Time / warning up consumption Max. 1.0 s / Max. 15 mA
Operating temperature
-25 …85°C
Sealing rate while connected IP68
Connector type M12 8pts
Compatible loggers LOG03V4
[pin2] brown : GND
[pin3] green : Vout (internal tension generator)
[pin4] yellow : Current input n°1 (X)
[pin5] Grey : Current input n°2 (Y)
[pin8] Red : calibration activation (production)
Configuration Wireless programming kit that includes the software AVELOUR :
– M0C0001 : 868Mhz Europe – China
M0C0002 : 915MHz USA – Canada – Australia

Dimensions :

Dimensions 120 x 60,4 x 32 mm
Cable length : 5m
Weight 45g (without cable)
Inclination sensor dimenssions


Inclination sensor F0T00002 documentation





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