IJILOG data logger

  • Wireless Setup by RFID
  • Memory : 500 000 measurements
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Autonomous energy
  • Digital inputs : Counter, State , Event, Pulses
  • Analog input: 4-20
  • Digital Inputs: Modbus RS485, OneWire
  • Output: HF radio , GSM, GPRS , MODBUS , 4-20mA , …

Recognized as an expert in autonomous measurement systems, IJINUS presents a new range of wireless loggers . It represents all the knowledge IJINUS in terms of performance , miniaturization , ease of use and data transmission.

Communication GSM / GPRS

IjiLog records data up to 15 devices in his radio Ijinus field and sends them via GSM / GPRS to supervision.

Fully self contained , it also allows in its versions with connector to record data in Modbus , 4-20mA , digital and pulses.

HF Communication

The headset is a radio transceiver to connect via USB to a computer. It allows secure radio frequency ( RFID) to connect to the various sensors and other devices Ijinus , to set and retrieve the data.

Modbus Communication

The data collected by the concentrator can also be broadcast to a local Modbus RTU remote management position or a display.


LOG 0500-0 : No connector

LOG 0500-1 :  Connector 5A :  2 on-off control 1Hz Inputs

LOG 0500-3 : Connector 8D :  2 on-off control 1Hz Inputs + 2 self-powered   Inputs 4-20mA (8…24Vdc) + 1 Open drain contact

LOG 0500-4 : Connector 8A : 2 on-off control 1Hz  Inputs + 1 Open drain contact  + 1 Switch for external supply + 1 Modbus RTU RS485

LOG 0500-5 : Connector 8E : 1 Input TOR 1Hz   +  2 self-powered Inputs 4-20mA (8…24Vdc) + 1 digital T°C input (1 wire)

LOG 0500-6 : Connector 8F : 1 on-off control 1Hz Inputs + 1 external power input (8…24Vdc) + 2 Open drain contact    + 1 self-powered output 4-20mA +  1 Modbus RTU RS485

LOG 0500-8 : Connector 8H :  2 Logger 100Hz  + 2 self-powered Inputs 4-20mA (8…24Vdc) + 2 Open drain contact

LOG 0500-9 : Connecteur 5D : To be used with 1 digital physico chemical sensor


LOG0500-1 Lifting station
Recording water pump
Overflow recording
Site Security
Open door recording
Water level in wells
groundwater and
water tower.
Network sectorization
Recording the volume of water
from pulse flow meter
Drinking water network
Recording Upstream and downstream pressure
LOG0500-4 Water quality
Recording measures from digital sensorss
Height  / flow rate
Recording speed from area velocity sensors
Site Security
Recording measures from
Modbus / analog interfaces
LOG0500-0 Radio concentrator





LOG0500 features

Data logger
500.000 Measures
Concentrator Yes
HF antenna Internal or External depending on the model
Input options Modbus RS485, On off control input 1Hz, One Wire (digital T°C ), On off control input 100Hz, Active 4-20mA, 8-24V 1W
Output options GSM / GPRS, Modbus RS485, Active 4-20mA, 8-24V 1W
Option GSM Antenna External
Operating temperature -40 …85°C (-40 …185°F)
Housing ABS 20%FV
Enclosure rating IP68
Energy Bat 3,6V/17 Ah or 3,6V/ 34Ah for logger with modem
Autonomy Up to 10 years
Programing AVELOUR software
Atex kit option ATEX II 3G Ex ic nA IIB T4 Gc, Tamb : -20°C…+60°C
Certifications CE – FCC: SE6A001 – IC : 10983A-A001