CNR093-UBV-10 level sensor to be conbined with the UBV4 velocity sensor
CNR093-UBV-10 + UBV4 velocity sensorCNR093-UBV-10 level sensor conbined with the UBV4 velocity sensor

Relative pressure sensors CNR0903-UBV-10


  • Measuring range 0-3mH2O, relative
  • Integrated atmospheric pressure aerator
  • 4-20mA output signal
  • Piezoresistive technology suitable for static and dynamic pressure measurements
  • Compatible with LOG09V4 data loggers and the UBV4 velocity sensor
  • Wireless radio configuration(Rfid technology) from the battery operated data logger

Relative pressure level probe that can be integrated at the back of the UBV4 Doppler velocity sensor using its adapter. Combine it with a LOG09V4 logger to obtain a high-precision, communicating height/velocity solution.

Relative pressure level probe informations


Measuring range 0-3mH2O
Pressure type Relative
Overpressure 3 bar
Accuracy ≤ 0.1 % full scale
Response (10% ~ 90%) < 2 ms
Output signal 4-20 mA
fluid and operating temperature -5 … 80°C, (storage -40 … 100°C)
Starting time ≤ 170 ms
Protection against reversed polarity Yes


Environmental informations

Sensor material Stainless steel(316L/1.4435)
1.4404 / AISI 316 L
Dimensions Ø 19 mm x 116 mm
Cable PUR black 10m with M12 8Pts connector
Weight 120g without cable

CNR0903-UBV-10 dimensions

CNR0903-UBV-10 dimensions


CNR0903-UBV-10 documentation




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