Capteur de vitesse Doppler UB-V4

UB-V Digital velocity sensor

UB-V velocity sensor is designed to optimize the overall measurements performances when coupling to Ijinus battery powered solution. Data communication is possible via radio (on-site) / 2G / 4G.

  • Smart velocity sensor
  • Ultra compact to ultra-long lasting
  • Quality and accuracy of the velocity measurement
  • Unique performance for a velocity sensor
  • Quick commissioning
  • This velocity solution can be combined with our battery operated LOG04V4 logger, the water level sensors LNR06V4 or LNU06V4.
  • Compatible with the 0-3mH2O CNR0903-UBV-10 level sensor that can be conbined thanks to its adaptor.

UB-V Digital velocity sensor

liste_arrow Ultra compact to ultra-long lasting
Polyvalent with various connection possibilities, it is possible to directly power the sensor with a classic Modbus logger for a short-term measurement period or to add a battery pack for an autonomy longer than one year. The combination with an Ijinus ultrasonic sensor will make it an assembly providing water height, velocity, flow and volume.

liste_arrow Quality and accuracy of the velocity measurement
Equipped with a pulsed Doppler technology at 1 MHz frequency and a specially adapted hydrodynamic shape, it allows maximum, minimum and average measurements of velocity in less than one second.

liste_arrow Unique performance for a velocity sensor
This sensor accurately measures very low velocity and water depths as low as 30 mm, even in water that is low in particle. It also provides performance indicators such as signal quality, standard deviation and ratios between average and maximum velocity. It also includes temperature measurement as well as an inclinometer whose data are useful for diagnosing the performance of the installed sensor.


UB-V specifications


Specifications of the UB-V sensor

Technology Velocity : Pulsed submerged Doppler 1 MHz
Measurement angle 65 ° / Horizontal
Measuring period Adjustable starting from 10 seconds
Velocity measurement range -1 up to 4 m/s bidirectional
Required power supply 7 up to 28 V (battery pack available)
Resolution on velocity +/- 0,001 m/s
Minimum water height for velocity measurement 30 mm
Cable length 10, 15 or 20 m

Dimensions :

dimensions H 2,7 cm W 2,8 cm x L 16,2 cm
Weight (including 10m cable) 1.045 kg
Dimenssions UB-V Digital velocity sensor


UB-V documentation






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