Débitmètre hauteur vitesse doppler VLI
Rechargeable or replaceable power case for VLI sensor and logger

VLI Digital area velocity sensor

  • Battery powered area velocity sensor
  • Velocity measurement starts at 25 mm of water
  • Ultra compact to ultra long autonomy
  • Quality and accuracy of the measurement height
  • Unique performance for a velocity sensor
  • Advanced expertise of the velocity measurement quality

VLI is designed to optimize the overall performances of water height / velocity measurements when pairing to the autonomous IJINUS solutions (Logger + Energy + Com). We have also added GSM / GPRS communication.
Continuous wave Doppler flowmeter is ideal for portable flow surveys (rechargeable lead battery) and permanent installations (Lithium battery).

VLI Digital area velocity sensor

liste_arrow Quality and accuracy of the height measurement
Equipped with a flat digital pressure sensor, it provides a measure of height from 2 mm of water. Compensated in temperature and pressure it allows a level calibration according to the atmospheric pressure, and avoiding potential measurement drift. It is also really fast to install.

liste_arrow Unique performance for a velocity sensor
Velocity measurement from 25 mm of water.From Its unique digital technology, it is possible on storm overflow applications, to use an overflow detector to seek only a height measurement to verify the pertinence of launching a longer velocity measurement that require more energy.

liste_arrow Different needs, different solutions :
– Autonomous stationary equipment installation : with high capacity battery pack- Temporary measurement campaign : with rechargeable lead battery pack


VLI Digital area velocity sensor






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