BLZZRD Multi-Bottle Portable Refrigerated Sampler

ISCO BLZZRD refrigerated sampler

Teledyne ISCO Blzzrd is a portable refrigerated water sampler with active cooling from either AC or battery power. Its controller offers all advanced controls, interfaces, data logging, and remote communication features.

  • Standard and extended programming keeps setup simple when you don’t need advanced features
  • Wide range of bottle configurations
  • Safe and convenient transporting
  • Programming is fast and simple
  • Patented pump revolution counter ensures accurate sample volumes and tells you when tubing should be replaced
  • Liquid detection sensor
  • The IP67 controller enclosure is watertight and dustproof

ISCO BLZZRD Multi-Bottle Portable Refrigerated Water Sampler

Based on Teledyne ISCO’s industry-leading 6712 controller, THE BLZZRD PROVIDES all the advanced control, data logging, and communication features of the 6712, with cooling from either AC or battery power.

Bottle options include 5- and 2.5 gallon composites as well as 4 x 1-gallon and 14 x 950 ml sequentials.

A 12V deep-cycle battery delivers 48 hours or more of refrigeration. The power-saving cooling system remains on standby until the first sample is drawn, and only then switches on to preserve
the collected samples for pickup.

Available routines include: pause-and-resume for intermittent discharge flow monitoring; sampler pacing by time, non-uniform time, flow or external event; and random interval sample Collection.


ISCO BLZZRD Portable Refrigerated Water Sampler data sheet




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