ISCO Glacier portable & refrigirated water sampler
Glacier can be powered by 12V DC or AC line voltageTeledyne ISCO Glacier sampler without trolleyChariot de transport Préleveur ISCO

Isco Glacier transportable sampler

Glacier composite sampler

  • Easy transport, quick setup
  • Active cooling in a portable sampler
  • Dependable, easy-to-program controller
  • Unique temperature control system
  • Accurate Sample Volumes

The Glacier® Sampler combines the small size, light weight, and mobility of a portable with an exclusive new active temperature control system. Its revolutionary design gives you the best of all worlds: easy transport, quick setup, and accurate sample preservation – without reliance on ice or utility power! An optional Mobility Kit with aluminum frame and pneumatic tires lets you wheel Glacier even over rough terrain to remote sampling sites

ISCO Glacier portable & refrigirated water sampler

Glacier can be powered by 12V DC or AC line voltage. In the field, Glacier delivers 48 hours or more of refrigeration from a 12 volt deep cycle battery. Its power-saving cooling system stands by until the first sample is drawn. Glacier can wait patiently for days or weeks to collect event-triggered samples, and then preserve them until a convenient pickup time.

Dependable, easy to program controller

The Glacier controller uses field-proven technology to ensure the reliability, ease of operation, and durability you expect from Isco.

  • Recall and run a stored program with two keystrokes.
  • IP67 enclosure is watertight and dustproof.
  • Actual measured sample temperature is stored by the controller. Minimum, maximum, and average temperature are reported on LCD and in a downloadable file using Samplink software.
  • Patented LD90 non-contacting Liquid Presence Detector and pump revolution counting system ensure accurate sample volumes.
  • Collect composite samples in 10 or 20 liter bottles, or eliminate bottle washing with ProPak®  single-use liners.

Unique temperature control system

Glacier’s temperature control system continuously measures the actual sample temperature, and precisely regulates cooling  to ensure accurate sample preservation.


Typical areas of application :

  • Stormwater sampling
  • Biomonitoring – where accurate sample preservation is needed
  • Influent and effluent sampling – Glacier can be easily moved in-plant to collect monthly or weekly at multiple sampling points


Glacier water sampler

Standard Features

  • Watertight and dustproof controller enclosure (NEMA 4x, 6 (IP67).
  • Runs on 12 Volt deep cycle battery or 240/120V AC power.
  • Programs can be recalled and run with two keystrokes.
  • Controller is easy to program and dependable, using field-proven technology to ensure ease of operation, reliability and durability.
  • Pump revolution counting system and LD90 non-contacting Liquid Presence Detector ensure sample volumes are accurate.
  • Min, max and average temperature are displayed on LCD screen, and in a file that’s downloadable using Samplink software.
  • Actual measured sample temperature is stored by the controller.
  • Composite samples can be collected in 10 or 20 litre bottles
  • ProPak single-use liners can eliminate bottle washing





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