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Metrology solutions and physical measurement, autonomous and wireless

Metrology solutions

« Join the DREAM center is now positioning on the markets of tomorrow. »For Olivier Le Strat , Founding President of Breton society Ijinus (Mellac, 29), DREAM IS indeed “A unique opportunity to Exchange and form partnerships with companies and laboratories As many of the markets of measurement and instrumentation environments . » And in addition , the market research on environmental metrology, led by the pole, provides ” crucial information on market trends , changing from continuous measurement . ”

Clair group


Clair group

Dear Customer and Partners,
As a manufacturer of products and equipment for drinking water systems, our activities are among the country’s basic needs. We are making every effort to be at your side, to deliver a continuity of service. From Monday March 23rd,
we will set up a logistical and commercial support team by phone and email
– we will maintain reduced activity on certain sites for the manufacture and dispatch of your orders …

Flood warning systems : Ubiflood Project

Flood warning systems, flood forecasting, SCADA, ICT, ubiquitous computing, sensors : Ubiflood Project

UbiFLOOD project deals with implementation of ubiquitous computing in flood warning and forecasting systems in different Asian background and the aim of the UbiFLOOD project is to implement ubiquitous solutions in the existing flood warning and forecasting systems. As an outcome, the framework will be developed with the main purpose to alert the population regarding flood alert. Since ubiquitous computing in flood warning systems is not widely applied in Asia, the new proposed solution within the framework should result in better operational organization and management of warning systems. …