Pluviomètre autonome & connecté RG20
Pluviomètre RG20 et enregistreur autonome LOG04V3-3GMécanisme à augets basculantsPluviomètre à auget RG20, enregistreur autonome, et pied à visser

Tipping bucket rain gauge RG20

Rain gauge with battery powered logger, transmitter

  • Tipping bucket rain gauge
  • Resolution of 0,2 mm
  • Data logger communication to choose from / HF / GSM / GPRS / 2G / 4G
  • Web monitoring platform and mobile App available
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Data retrieval on site by radio (RFID)
  • Timestamp or accumulated precipitation operation, temperature
  • Export data to Csv, Excel or HTML
  • Several supports options are available

The RG20 rain gauge is connected to one of our portable and compact data logger LOG V3 which allows local data retrieval by radio communication, or it automatically sends them by GPRS to your compatible SCADA software such as Areal Topkapi, Lerne, Dev I/O, Floee, or our web monitoring platform

Tipping bucket rain gauge RG20

The sensor is made up of a funnel collector and a couple of calibrated collecting containers (tipping buckets). The calibrated collector area and the geometry of the collector prevents the rain from splashing in and out, according to WMO recommendations (World Meteorological Organization). Every time a bucket is filled, the instrument outputs an electrical signal that can be sent to an automatic data acquisition system. If precipitation is in a solid form, snow or hail, the instrument can measure the amount of water obtained from their melting.

The rain gauge is to connect to a datalogger from the LOG V3 range by its M12 connector. The logger has a 500 000 measures capacity, communication options to define :

The loggers are different in term of functionalities has they have their own configuration application templates :

  • LOG03V3 (4-20mA – DIGITAL) : Groundwater resources, CSO / SSO, Flow using pressure probe, Lift stations, Access point Hf/GPRS, …
  • LOG04V3 (Modbus RS485 – DIGITAL) : Area-Velocity Flow, CSO / SSO, Access point HF/Modbus/GPRS, Lift stations, Water quality, …
  • LOG10V3 (RS485 / Digital inputs / External ultrasonic probe) : Area-Velocity Flow, CSO / SSO, Access point HF/Modbus/GPRS, Lift station, Water quality, …

Accessories :

A configuration kit such as the Wiji USB/HF stick (Wiji USB/HF stick) allows to connect by radio to the rain gauge logger and set the configuration, and also to download on-site the data.

Stainless steel support and tube to screw Øext. 60.3mm, Length : 658MM

Tube to plant Øext. 60.3mm, Length : 658MM

Logger bracket on the raingauge tube support



Rain gauge RG20

Sensor Type Anodized aluminum tipping bucket with double reed switch
Collector Area 400cm²
Measuring Range 0 … 300mm/h
Accuracy <1% @ rain intensity of 30mm/h
<2% in the measuring range 20 … 40mm/h
<3% in the measuring range 10 … 50mm/h
Resolution 0,2mm
Levelling Level on the bucket assembly
Output Double contact 3 wires (on request single contact NC or NO), 1 pulse is equivalent to 0.2mm of rain
Operating temperature 0…+70°C; -30…+70°C (with heater system)
Maintenance Scheduled cleaning (suggested every 6 months)
Calibration Calibration of the bucket assembly suggested every 2 years
Compatible data Loggers and accessories
Battery powered Logger HF, IP68, memory of 1 000 000 measures, communication options to send data using 2G / 3G / Sigfox
G0A00053 Support :Stainless steel support and tube to screw Øext. 60.3mm, Length : 658MM
H0T00055 Tube to plant Øext. 60.3mm, Length : 658MM


Dimensions :

Dimensions Ø 230 mm x H 480 mm
Weight 3,5 Kg
RG20 dimensions




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