Rain gauge RG25 with autonomous data logger 4G
Rain gauges RG25 with datalogger, local HF communicationData remote monitoring with our battery powered logger GPRSRG25G: Rain gauge with external logger HF/GSM/GPRS communication

Tipping bucket rain gauges RG25

Rain gauge with several data logger options

  • Data logger with buit in modem 2G/4G available for remote monitoring
  • Resolution of 0,254mm
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy data retrieval on-site by radio
  • Battery life  > 6 years
  • Timestamp or accumulated precipitation operation, temperature
  • Export data to Csv, Excel or HTML
  • Multiprotocole communication

Range of rain gauges with the choice of data logger allowing local data download by radio, or an external logger with 2G/4G connectivity, sending data to compatible SCADA (Topkapi, Lerne, Dev I/O, Floee…), our web-based software ijitrack.com, or on your server.
It is also possible to connect the rain gauge directly by digital input to a PLC.

RG25 rain gauge description

Configuration & data retrieval

The Wiji mobile kit is a radio receiver and transmitter to connects to a computer via USB. It allows secured radio connections (RFID) to various sensors and data loggers, to configure and to retrieve locally your data.

Remote rainfall monitoring solutions

With our battery operated loggers using 2G/4G (LTE-M, NB-IoT) connectivity, you get real time monitoring on our Ijitrack.com server with reports and notifications. Data are also available from our free mobile App, from IOS or Android store. You can also send data directly to your server.

Available loggers and rain gauges :

RG25-0 : Rain gauge only, cable length 1,5 m – bare wire ends (1 on-off control output)
RG25-3 : Rain gauge only, cable length 5m – connector M12 8Pts, for LOG03V4 / LOG04V4 data loggers, ultrasonic level sensors LNU06V4 and radar level sensor LNR06V4

Accessories :

G0A00018 : INOX 304 suport plate + feet to screw.

  • Height: 665 mm
  • Support plate 172 x 172mm
  • Tube Ø50mm

H0B00002 : Galvanized steel planting tube Ø33,4MM – H. 1,50M

RG25 rain gauge specifications

RG25 rain gauges specifications

Reception area 0,033m²
Cable length 1,5 meter
Connector M12 8 points
Output signal Digital output
Dimensions h=200mm – Ø=210mm
Resolution 0,254mm
Fixation material

INOX 304 suport plate + feet to screw (PN : G0A00018)

Galvanized steel planting tube Ø33,4MM – H. 1,50M (H0B00002)

Data logger solutions

Data logger choice Loggers with radio communication only or radio & cellular data transmission:

Available frequencies 868MHz or 915MHz
Configuration AVELOUR software part of the programming kits :
Data visualization Locally with Avelour software
Web monitoring software Ijitrack.com
Your server if data are sent in .CSV


RG25 rain gauge documentation



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