Rain gauge RG25 with autonomous data logger 4G
Rain gauges RG25 with datalogger, local HF communicationData remote monitoring with our battery powered logger GPRSRG25G: Rain gauge with external logger HF/GSM/GPRS communication

Tipping bucket rain gauges RG25

Rain gauge with an integrated data logger, transmitter

  • Data logger with buit in modem GSM/GPRS / Sigfox available for remote monitoring
  • Resolution of 0,254mm
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy data retrieval on-site by radio
  • Battery life  > 6 years
  • Timestamp or accumulated precipitation operation, temperature
  • Export data to Csv, Excel or HTML
  • Multiprotocole communication

Range of rain gauges with the choice of integrated data logger allowing local data recovery by radio, or an external logger with HF/GSM/GPRS capabilities sending data to compatible supervisors as Topkapi, Lerne, Dev I/O, Floee, V2.ijitrack.com.
It is also possible to connect the rain gauge directly by digital input to a PLC.

HF Communication

The mobile kit is a radio receiver and transmitter, it connects to a computer via USB. It allows secured radio connections (RFID) to various sensors and other IJINUS devices, to configure and to retrieve data.

Communication GSM/GPRS

With our external logger GSM/GPRS / 3G / Sigfox , you get real time monitoring on our serveur Ijitrack.com with daily report and alarm

Rain gauges :

RG25-0 : Rain gauge only, cable length 1,5 m – bare wire ends (1 on-off control output)
RG25-3 : Rain gauge only cable length 5 m – connector M12 8Pts, for data logger LOG-3 / LOGXXV3 and level sensors LNUXXV3

Accessories :

G0A00018 : INOX 304 suport plate + feet to screw.

  • Height: 665 mm
  • Support plate 172 x 172mm
  • Tube Ø50mm

H0B00002 : Galvanized steel planting tube Ø33,4MM – H. 1,50M

Specification for tipping bucket rain gauges RG25

Reception area 0,033m²
Cable length 1,5 meter
Connector M12 8 points
Output signal Digital output
Dimension h=200mm – Ø=210mm
Resolution 0,254mm

INOX 304 suport plate + feet to screw (PN : G0A00018)

Galvanized steel planting tube Ø33,4MM – H. 1,50M (H0B00002)

Optional data logger

Data logger LOG03V3 HF or LOG04V3
HF logger frequencies 868MHz or 915MHz
Configuration AVELOUR software part of the programming kit




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