Level measurement by relative pressure
DataloggerLOG09V3 and level sensor CNRLevel sensors CNR from 2mH2O up to 50mH2OBattery powered logger LOG09V3 with a pressure level sensor CNR

Relative pressure sensors CNR



  • Measuring range from 0 to 50m H2O
  • Connection to data logger LOG V3 with or without integrated modem
  • Batterie powered, autonomy > 5 ans
  • Compact size and discret, rugged system
  • Communicating : HF /GSM / GPRS / 3G / SIGFOX
  • Wireless setting with Rfid technology
  • Certifications : CE / ROHS / ACS(option)
  • Sealing IP68 (1 bar/30 days, if our bracket is used : H0T00060)

The pressure level data logger is fully autonomous, very practical for various applications. The programming is done very easily by radio and includes, depending on model, a modem for automatically send data and alert to the supervision.

Pressure level sensors CNR series

The level sensors from the CNR range easily connect to LOG V3 data loggers on connector
Configuration and retrieving data are done locally by radio with USB / HF programming stick, which integrates our software. If you opt for a logger with built-in modem, you can automatically send the data, reports and alerts to a compatible SCADA like Topkapi, Lerne, Panorama, Dev I/0 – OPC, Floee or to our web monitoring platform : Ijitrack.com.

The CNR series has 3 versions :

liste_arrow CNR serie with M12 8pts connector for a quick connection with the logger LOG V3
liste_arrow CNRT serie provides pressure & Temperature with M12 8pts connector for a quick connection with the logger LOG V3
liste_arrow CNRN serie with bare wire ends The above series include an atmospheric pressure aerators.

Wireless data logger to choose from :

liste_arrow LOG03V3 : 4-20mA – DIGITAL / Connector on the side
liste_arrow LOG08V3 : 4/20mA – Metering / Connector on the side
liste_arrow LOG09V3 : 4-20mA – DIGITAL / Connector at the bottom These loggers have the added advantage to connect to other sensors and have their own functionalities.

Radio configuration kit :

liste_arrow HF / USB stick kit WijiKey (includes the software Avelour 6), about 20m radio range
liste_arrow HF / USB kit Wiji (includes the software Avelour 6), about 100m radio range


Environmental applications :

  • Autonomous and communicative solution for groundwater monitoring. It is also possible to pair the logger to a rain gauge by radio
  • Level monitoring in tank …
  • V notch weir with conversion water height / flow measurement
  • Pressure sensor with bare-wire ends to connect to PLC

Pressure level sensors CNR series


Data logger LOG09V3

Logger specifications 500 000 measures
Access point Yes HF or HF/Cellular
Radio communication about 100M open field (Wiji protocol)
Antenna: HF/GSM ¼ wave length / Quad bandSee configurator for options
Operating temperature
-40 …85°C
Housing PA12
Sealing grade IP68
Bat : 3,6V 34Ah
Wireless programming kit (PN: M0C0000x or Wijikey) includes the configuration software AVELOUR 6
dimensions Ø 74 x 180mm (W/O antenna)
Net weight 195g




Dimensions LOG09V3


Relative pressure sensor – CNR serie

Measuring range 1 2 5 10 20 50 100 200 mH2O
Pressure Relative – Gage
Overpressure 1,5 x FS
Certification CE / ROHS / ACS
Response <10ms (10% ~ 90%)
Output Signal / power supply 4 ~ 20 mA / Min 15 – Max 30 VDC
Cable Ø7.5mm, Lenght available in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 40 and 60 m
Operating Temperature Normal : -10 … 80°C Max : -40… 100°C (Stockage)
Housing Diaphragm : Std : SS 316L Corps : SS 321 : lCr18Ni9Ti
Dimensions Ø26 x 120mm
Weight (CNR0001-A2-05) 904g
Atmospheric pressure aerator Integrated : Ø28MM- LG80MM E/S in M16x1.5 and M20 x 1.5


CNR sensor

Dimensions CNR sensor






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