Pluviomètre avec enregistreur autonome RG20
Tipping bucket rain gauge RG20

Tipping bucket rain gauge RG20

Rain gauge with battery powered logger, transmitter

  • Tipping bucket rain gauge
  • Resolution of 0,2 mm
  • Data logger communication to choose from / HF / GSM / GPRS / 3G / Sigfox
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Data retrieval on site by radio (RFID)
  • Timestamp or accumulated precipitation operation, temperature
  • Export data to Csv, Excel or HTML
  • Several supports options are available as well a spike ring, to avoid birds landing on the rim, or a heating resistance.

The RG20 rain gauge is connected to our portable data logger LOG03V3 which is very compact and allow local data retrieval by radio communication, or it automatically send them by GPRS to your compatible SCADA software such as Areal Topkapi, Lerne, Dev I/O, Floee,

HF communication

Rain gauge RG20 to connect to our logger (LOG3V3) you set it up with our programming kit such as the USB / HF key 

Rain gauge, communication and options available

RG20 : Tipping bucket rain gauge, resolution 0,2 mm

LOG03V3: autonomous data logger, memory capacity of 500 000 measures, sealing IP68, communication options to define : Depending on the logger IJILOG send the data, alarm, report by GSM, GPRS, 3G or Sigfox to your server, or web platform

  • Autonomous data logger HF
  • Autonomous data logger HF and the choise of communication using GSM / GPRS / 3G / Sigfox

Accessories :

  • Package stainless steel support and galvanized steel tube Ø33 to screw
  • Galvanised steel tube to plant
  • Spike ring
  • Heating resistance

Rain Gauge RG20

Rain gauge Tipping bucket
Resolution 0,20mm by passive contact
on/off bounce-free
time 50-80ms
Breakdown voltage 0,5A, 200Vcc, 10W
Accuracy ± 4% at 60mm/h
± 10% at 200mm/h
Tip 8g
Dimension H:1000 – Ø : 230 mm
Weight 3kg
Frequencies / part number 868MHz : WIJIKEY-8
915MHz : WIJIKEY-9

Part number

RG20 Tipping bucket rain gauge
LOG03V3 Logger HF
IP68 – 2 input TOR 1Hz
Battery powered
IP68 – 2 input TOR 1Hz
H0B00004 Spike ring, to stop birds landing on the rim
G0A00018 Package stainless steel support(170 x 170mm) and galvanized steel tube (Ø33 to screw, height : 65 cm)
H0B00003 Galvanised steel tube to plant
E0A00004 Heating resistance