Wireless Data Logger LOG V3

  • Multi Applications data loggers
  • Wireless setting with Rfid technology
  • Communication : HF/Modbus/GSM/GPRS/3G/Sigfox
  • Inputs : voltage (7V…30V), 4-20 mA, digital, counter, Modbus
  • Outputs : voltage (7V…30V), open collector, Modbus
  • Memory : 500 000 measures
  • Battery powered loggers
  • Sealing IP68

New range of multi-application Data Loggers featuring 3 customizable models to suit your needs.

Wireless Data Loggers LOG V3

Ijinus introduces you its new range of Loggers that will adapt to all your applications. They are easy to install, robust and offer data communication options. Connected sensors are powered by the internal battery of the loggers, and for the more energy-consuming sensors by a pack battery. This brand new range of data loggers includes 3 models each with their own specialties:



4-20mA – DIGITAL

liste_arrow Groundwater resources
liste_arrow CSO / SSO
liste_arrow Flow measurement using pressure probe
liste_arrow Pumping stations
liste_arrow Rain

Modbus RS485 – DIGITAL

liste_arrow Area-Velocity Flow
liste_arrow CSO / SSO
liste_arrow Access point HF/Modbus/GPRS
liste_arrow Pumping stations
liste_arrow Water quality
liste_arrow Rain

4/20mA – Metering

liste_arrow Fire hydrant pressure control
liste_arrow Water pressure control
liste_arrow Fast pressure metering and logging of drinkng water networks


Wireless Setting

Configuration of the loggers and data analysis are done locally and safely by radio (RFID) using one of our programming kit to connect to PC or tablet. It includes the software Avelour 6

Logger with or without modem

HF communication for your local measurement campaigns and SMS / GPRS / Sigfox for remote monitoring management on V2.ijitrack.com or on your own server

Ultra low power: 5 years autonomy

Energy is integrated into the sensor: lithium batteries are replaceable and lasts more than 5 years for 1 measurement / 15min and 1 data sending per day + alerts

Analysing and exporting your data

Easily compare different data, apply conversions and formulas if needed, and export results


Wireless Data Logger LOG V3


LOG V3 series features

Data logger 500 000 measures
Radio access point Yes
Radio communication 100M in its wireless range (Wiji protocol)
Antenna : HF / GSM ¼ wave length/ Quad band Patch See configurator for options
Operating temperature
-40 …85°C
Housing PA12
Sealing IP68
Bat : 3,6V 34Ah
Wireless programming kit (PN : MOC0000x): MOC00001(868 MHz) or MOC00002(915 MHz) includes software AVELOUR

Logger LOG03V3

1x voltage input (7V…30V), 2x 4-20 mA inputs, 2x digital inputs,
1x voltage output (7V…30V), 1x open collector output

Logger LOG04V3

1x voltage input (7V…30V), 1x Modbus input, 2x digital inputs,
1x voltage output (7V…30V), 1x open collector output

Dimensions :

dimensions Ø 74 x 160mm (Without antenna)
Weight 579g including battery

Logger LOG08V3

2x 4-20 mA inputs, 2x counter inputs,
1x voltage output (8,8V…24V), 1x open collector output